Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Glimpse of Life on the Rock.

St. Peter's Church, flag of Bermuda

View from the hotel, Tucker's Point

Flags at the Lighthouse

It's time to finally announce our big news to the blogosphere. With accompanying pictures.

In the next few months, the Trimarchi clan will be packing up stakes and heading off on our latest adventure. We're relocating to Bermuda. Yep, I said that right.


Land of the self-styled shorts, the triangle, pink sand, and the rum swizzle. That last one I just threw in. I don't even know what that is. But I intend to find out.


What the !!^#*??!?

Yes. That was my initial reaction too when Jeff mentioned that he got a job offer with a company there. I think it's abbreviated now as WTF, formally.

Are you kidding??

No. Seriously. I posted about the move on Facebook and I'm still shocked that people thought I was joking about it. Really? Darn. Here I've spent my whole life thinking I had a sense of humor. Apparently not.


It depends on when the immigration forms for the family are approved.

What about your house?

We're going to keep it and rent it. If you know anyone who might like to try out Bergen County, NJ while they decide whether to buy, or need a place close to the city for a family of four or more... email me!

What about the children?! (insert Homer Simpson character voice)

Indeed. What about the children. Well, I think they'll like it. They like the beach, they like the water, they love being outdoors. And they're both young and not yet entrenched in the school system here. We're hoping this disruption won't be devastating. It is Bermuda..right? How can you complain about that? Plus, Jordan likes the flag. What more can you ask for.

What about your job?

I'm going to miss it. A lot. It was pretty awesome going back to work this year. The timing worked out well, I loved the work, I loved the people I work with. The commute was kind of a drag, but I got a lot of sleeping and reading done on the bus and train. Sometimes in that order.

I'm going to miss the law, miss the little juvenile quasi-criminals on their way to becoming bigger and better adult criminals. I'm going to miss the trials and the writing. I'm going to miss thinking about an issue and reasoning out a legal conclusion. I'm going to miss the occasional success story who got himself rehabilitated. It happens!

I won't miss waking up at 5:00 am though. Given restrictions imposed on spouses applying with work permit residents, I won't be able to work in the immediate future. But, I think they relax that rule a bit after you've been there awhile. Who knows, maybe I can open up a cute little boutique/cafe catering to the tourists from the cruise ships? Or I could just take care of the kids. Or work on my tan, backhand and golf game. We shall see. The only reason I'll be waking up at 5:00 am though will be to squeeze in an early morning run before the humidity gets up there.

Is it far?

From New York, it's about a 2 hour flight. What's interesting is that its geographic location actually puts it closer to the Outer Banks. Maybe an hour.

How long will you be there?

Not entirely sure. We're thinking at least 5 years. But having committed to doing this, we're going to try and make it work for as long as the company needs Jeff there. You don't make a move like this and just decide to come back. I think.


First, because I think it would be an amazing opportunity for the family. After speaking with many people who have lived there, we came to the conclusion that the island is a wonderful place. It's a "whole other world" as the unofficial anthem goes. It's also a great place to grow up. I think it will be pretty exciting for the kids to live somewhere as diverse as this - surrounded by a pretty global set of individuals, going to a English style school, spending time outdoors in the sunshine and clean air. It certainly ain't Jersey.

I also think it's one of those opportunities you get once in a lifetime. Maybe I'm too influenced by the "Eat,Pray, Love" marketing going on these days, but seriously.. how often do you get a chance to go on an adventure like this? Ever?!? I've always loved travelling; and I've especially loved living in an entirely different culture and absorbing what it feels like to live somewhere with a brand new perspective. Some of my best memories are when I lived in the Netherlands. When you put yourself outside of the US for awhile, and actually have a chance to live as a resident of another culture - it gives you such an appreciation both for what we have here, as well as for the wonderful opportunities that exist elsewhere. It also is ultimately a lesson in learning what values we all share as human beings. And that can be thought provoking as well.

It's also not forever. We intend to visit a lot to reduce the "island fever" that inevitably will follow. Our friends and family are here in the states and we don't want them to completely forget about us! Of course, we're hoping many of them will use this opportunity as a chance to visit Bermuda! Jeff might even break out the shorts to welcome you.

So what do you think? Are we crazy or what?

Don't answer that.
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