Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Turning Four.

Miss Mina turned four years old on July 15th. It took a bit longer to schedule her party, but it was worth the wait. We were very excited about the weekend plans; and our special guests!

We started the day with a special girls-only day at the local nail salon with our beloved Princess Aunt Tahera. Yes, that skinny torso is her. Did I mention she practically just gave birth? Sigh.

Sitting perfectly still during the application.

My pretty girl. From month to month, the kids' personalities and interests change. To date, Miss Mina is the girliest girly-girl I know. From the dresses, the princesses, the love of perfume and nail polish. But at the same time, she balances it with sports. She swims, does gymnastics, plays soccer, and will go head to head with Jordan on the Wii all the time. She's also kind and thoughtful and super helpful. For someone so young, I'm impressed with her balanced approach.

And I can't believe she's four.

Outer Banks, 2006. Miss Mina at 3 months old.

All done.

Someone was ready to par-tay!

There was lots to do at the party. There were bounce houses.

And slides.

Some baseball.

And driving?

The party location supplied the requisites - pizza.

Ice cream cake.

We supplied the monster faces.

And a few cute ones too.

In the end, we were all tuckered out. Best part? No clean up! Yay!!
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