Monday, August 02, 2010

And life continues..

It's funny how you can't just up and move to another country. Believe it or not, the U.S isn't the only place that puts restrictions on who can come live in their borders. There's a lot of paperwork involved when you want to immigrate. While we work on getting our forms filled out, our regular life continues. We have kids to raise, jobs to go to, and pizza to be made.

Yes, pizza. Jeff made a delicious pizza this weekend, courtesy of the fine folks at Viansa. Viansa is this really lovely winery in Sonoma county, CA. In addition to tasty wines, they also produce their own line of gourmet foodstuffs. Jeff brought me out to Napa and Sonoma as a birthday present when I turned the wee age of 30. And this winery was one of my favorites.

Hard to believe how long ago that was.

The pizza came out delish. We topped it with fresh mozzarella from our favorite local Italian deli, "Jerry's."

Oh I love me some Jerry's. They have all these little tasty treats there, tucked away in between the nooks and crannies. There's glorious cheeses and chocolates and prepared foods. You can buy Italian specialities at reasonable rates, and they make their own sauces - including a marinara that I adore. Oh.. and they have samples. Lots of samples. Just laid out for the grazing.

This weekend was absolutely gorgeous. The humidity broke on Saturday. It was beautiful outside; and my children celebrated by sitting around the kitchen table and doing arts and crafts.

At least they played nice. And shared.

The kids did manage to rouse themselves long enough to dress and attend our friend, Julia'a birthday party.

This was Miss Mina's ensemble of choice. Jordan quite wisely, just threw on a pair of swim trunks, a t shirt, crocs, and was out the door before I could focus the camera.

Back to reality today. At the office, I pondered how I was going to pack up my art collection. I also typed up my official letter of resignation and emailed it. Emailed. I don't know. What does one say about that? My boss knew I was resigning, of course. He's known since the beginning that the Bermuda issue was on the table. Regardless, there seemed to be something declasse about emailing a resignation letter.

Maybe I'm old fashioned. Something as final as a resignation letter should at least be printed on heavy paper stock.

August 31. My last day. I'm going to miss work.

I left work early to go get a check up and full chest x-ray. I told you we were busy getting our papers together! My doctor tells me I am in excellent health. I nodded and pondered how my weight could possibly be three pounds higher on the scale in the afternoon than it was in the morning, when all I had eaten in the last five hours was a turkey sandwich on a tiny, Arnold whole wheat thin.

I'm very excited about the move. But I wish it was done already and all the niggling little details were taken care of by someone else.
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