Sunday, August 22, 2010

Celebrating the end.

This week we found out that Jeff's work permit was approved for Bermuda. We celebrated his last day of work on Friday. Jordan overheard us talking about going out to eat, and decided that the more the merrier. So an invitation for two, became a dinner for four.

He suggested Donna's Pizza, but we upgraded to Rosa Mexicana. We're so adventurous like that.

We were looking forward to this all day. And a promise is a promise.

Even if you wind up getting food poisoning at lunchtime from bad sushi in the work cafeteria .

Poor Jeff.

Is that the worst "last day of work" story ever? But he rallied on and joined us for dinner.

Because seriously, how could you pass this up?

Miss Mina looked a tad bit hesitant at first. And yes, she does wear a full tiara out to dinner.. or lunch.. or whatever the occasion may be. That's her equivalent of a string of matched pearls. Classic. Timeless. Goes with everything. Suitable for all events.

But then she decided to dig right in. That's my kinda girl.

Jordan gives the food a big thumbs, and arms up. Goal!

Me - before I ate. Look at my sad empty plate there, and lonely water glass.

Me - after. Happy, Happy.

The food works miracles. Jeff took a few bites of rice and instantly felt better. Who knew chain-store Mexican food had such restorative powers?

My last day of work is approaching too. Jeff leaves for Bermuda soon, while the rest of us wait for our paperwork to be approved. House to pack, schools to enroll in, and a house to find. Deep breath. Deep breath.
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