Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A day in the life.

Today was my last day at work. So, I thought, why not present a pictorial snapshot of what it looks like? Minus the unruly lawyers, delinquent children, and dysfunctional families? Oh, and the part where I actually work. No one really wants to see that.

The kids also came by to visit at lunchtime because I wanted to prove to them that I actually did have a job I went to every morning.

Point A. Leonia, NJ. Out the door, walking to the bus stop. Notice how bright and sunny it is. That's because I'm late. It's also because it's summer. Come November, it's pitch black out. It's also pitch black out when I return.

On the bus. I can't really complain about the bus. We happen to be very lucky in that we live relatively close to the bus stop. The bus runs express all morning till 10:00, and it's a lot easier than trying to drive in. Especially since I fall asleep within fifteen minutes. Try doing that in a minivan going over the Brooklyn Bridge! Wait.. I think it's been done.

Pulling into Port Authority. This is usually about the point when I wake up. Once upon a time, Jeff and I used to ride the bus in together (awww..) and he would wake me up. Now, I wait for the sound of the bus driver making the announcement. I wipe the drool off my chin and apologize to my seat companion, who I most likely have been resting my head upon the whole way. It's ok. We're all real friendly in Jersey.

The escalator at Port authority. By this point, I am usually awake, and am usually making a mad dash down the stairs to catch the A train underground.

Yeah, the picture is blurry. Which is an accurate reflection of how I perceive things at this hour.

Notes from the underground world. This picture does not do justice to the smell, the heat in the summer, or the cold in the winter. I also couldn't really take pictures of the half dozen wackadoos that make the city such an interesting place to live, and who conveniently choose to share my commute with me. I did not take their pictures because I have lived here long enough to know that a camera in their face is an open invitation to kill/rob/toss me off the platform.

Jay Street/Boro Hall. Brooklyn. My stop. The new and improved Kings County Family and Supreme Court. This building is amazing. I say that as a veteran of the old Family Court which used to be located a block away. I am going to miss this place.

My office. I've stripped it pretty clean of decoration, since I needed to pack everything up today. But this can give you an edited idea.

And here's what I'm really thinking.

I kept the back wall pictures up because I wanted to make sure the kids knew I did not throw out their artwork. I actually do save it. It covered most of this wall, as well as my conference room downstairs.

Here's the courtroom where I worked. I've provided a handy guide to show you where the key players sit. I think someone should make a diagram like this for the poor souls who wander in on a daily basis and have no idea who everyone is milling about.

Normally, I bring my lunch to work in an effort to stay healthy and save money. Today however, was all about celebrating. After I showed the kids around, we headed downtown to Pete's Waterfront Alehouse to meet up with another Family Court veteran. Jeff almost had a heart attack when she called ahead and told us she thought the place was closed. Jeff, who went to law school nearby, spent many a study hour nestled within the confines of these cozy chairs. Thankfully, it was not closed. This place has survived multiple recessions, 9/11, and bad 80's mullets (come in and take a look at the picture on the side wall). Nothing is shutting this oasis down.

After lunch... we packed the kids up, grabbed my boxes from work. and I said my final good byes. Wow, this was a short stint back at work. I really am going to miss the job, but I hope our next adventure will be an equally exciting one.

Next stop - finding a house!!
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