Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Gotham Ave Celebrates!

I don't recall going to block parties as a kid. Even when we lived in the suburbs. And definitely not when we were living out in the boondocks in the middle of the woods.. in upstate NY. So the idea of a block party is a little foreign to me.

But, that doesn't mean we won't crash a good one when we get the chance. Hello, Gerritsen Beach, Brooklyn! Here we come!

Of course, it helps knowing some people who live on the block. I guess just crashing a party per se isn't the best idea. Although, it almost happened to us a few weeks ago at Mina's birthday. Some random guy, his wife, and their kid wandered into the party room and were hanging out. I kept staring at them, wondering who the heck they were; and didn't want to be rude and accost them. I started doubting myself, thinking.. maybe they're from Mina's school?

Here's my mental dialogue:

"I did send out a few invites to some of her classmates.. but I thought I knew them all? Didn't I? Who the heck did I invite from the school? Where's my list? Andrew H.? No, obviously. Kayla? Are they related to one of them? They don't look Korean. I ordered enough food to feed them, right? They look kind of confused too. That dad keeps looking around at everyone. Maybe I should flash my "party mom" sticker at them and they'll approach me?"

Turns out, the idiots at the front desk sent them to Mina's party, when in fact they were looking for "Mia's party".

I digress.

We're psyched we know enough of the Gotham Ave crew to hang out and have fun.

And the kids certainly felt comfortable enough to wander off without any adult supervision and proceed to order food all on their own.

Good block parties always have entertainment. Jordan was really looking forward to a repeat performance on the big, blue waterslide.

of course he can catch air on every turn. The boy barely weighs 40 pounds. Which leads me to wonder whether I shouldn't just follow Jordan's approach to eating - mainly, consume all things consisting of pure sugar, fried, or loaded in butter and cheese. The hell with this diet and exercise thing I force myself to do. Not that I want to weigh 40 pounds, obviously. Maybe 40 pounds less.

He does humor me once in awhile, and eat some fruits and vegetables. But those are akin to the parsley sprig one puts on a plate for decoration. They don't really count.

One of the neighbors made these. I was tempted. But I held out. Visions of myself sweating up the hills on the morning 6 miler came to my mind. Six miles at 6 am. Only to be outdone by a flipping hot dog. No. Two bites of this and all that hard work would have gone down the drain.

I saved myself for the hamburger and chicken instead. Good girl. Not fried chicken, which I adore, but never eat because it's eh-hem, fried. But marinated, tender, fired up on the grill. No picture, of course. I inhaled the food too quickly for that kind of frivolity.

Although Miss Mina wasn't feeling brave enough to try the big slide, she did manage to make new friends. She spent much of the afternoon riding up and down the street with her new bestie and her very pink, Princess bike that I happily picked up from some neighbor's curb on trash day (I have no shame.) That is, until she managed to topple over the bike, crash on the pavement, and let out a howl that would scare the demons from hell. And it didn't matter that I was running back and forth beside her on the bike. It only took the amount of time to stop, take a sip of my water, and crash. There she was on the asphalt.

cranky monkey.

cranky, hiding monkey.

Of course, I am an equal-opportunity negligent parent. Jordan crashed on his bike as well.

Hence, the nice road scrape along the side of his neck. He looks happy and calm here. Not so much when it happened.

Despite the drama of accidents and asphalt, the kids had a great time. They played long and hard, wore themselves out, and were out like a light when we tossed them into bed that evening. We redeemed ourselves as parents by washing them in the bathtub first.

My highlight of the day... are you ready for this?

Ta-da!!! I won a major award!! Holy Sh--t, you have no clue how psyched I was to win this at the raffle! My crock pot is on its last legs and I was toying with the idea of buying a new one. Yay!!! And a recipe book too.

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