Friday, August 20, 2010

Our Favorite Floridians.

We were very excited to have the Perkins gang visit us this week. Jordan and Mina were really looking forward to seeing Grace and her baby, brother Jason. Lots of fun activities to look forward to - including their first live musical!

Behold! Pinkalicious!

But not even the majesty of live theatre could make up for the reaction the kids had when Grace walked into the room. They both saw her approach our aisle, and they both started shouting her name. At that point, we lost Mina forever. She was attached to Grace for the rest of the week.

I think it's only a matter of time before Jason will be up and running and playing with the big kids.

I told you I was completely in love with this new baking blog - Sprinkle bakes. Imagine my joy when I found she had a dessert that would suit the occasion - pink cakelettes. We brought them along to share at the Central Park reunion right after the show.

Even though the gang hasn't seen each other in months, these three acted as though no time had passed. They got along great. The only time they argued was over who got to sit next to Grace. At every meal and snack. We quickly decided Grace would sit in the middle at all times. And Jordan and Mina decided they would sit on her lap.

Together, we shared all kinds of culinary adventures. Like cranberry juice at lunch.

Which goes especially well with Patsy's Pizzeria on the westside.

During snacktime, I had to peek in and note that the kids carried on their own conversations with nary a grownup around. I can't even begin to imagine what they were talking about.

But at dinnertime, we all got a chance to catch up together.

We did take one night to ditch the kids and get all dressed up. Off to the city for a grown-ups only dinner.

At David Burke Townhouse.

The next day, there were still plenty of adventures to be had - the Rose Center for Earth and Space at the American Museum of Natural History. Or as we used to call it - the Planetarium. Time sure does fly by fast. One of the earliest "dates" I ever had with Jeff was when he took me to the Planetarium to see a Pink Floyd lightshow. Boy were we babies then. Speaking of which, mental note to self - Jordan can still not handle the "Journey to the Stars" movie and sound effects show. We first took him there when he was 2, and we had to promptly leave because he started crying instantly. That hasn't changed to date. The boy just does not like the whole sound and shaking effect.

But we do like the planets above.

And we enjoyed wandering over the Natural History part of the museum where we could look at dioramas

Our time with the Perkins was short but sweet. We're already missing you guys!
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