Monday, August 30, 2010

Tick, tock..

The summer is coming to a close, and so is our time here in the U.S. Some updates:

Oscar - he's doing fine. Post surgery, he's still wearing his cone, sporadically, and may have developed a mild addiction to doggie pain killers. We're slowly weaning him off.

Just kidding Grandma H!!!

Hernia and microchip surgery has produced a strange side-effect, namely that he refuses to eat the home cooked meals Jeff prepares for him. Instead, he's shown his preference for this slop called "Ceasar's dog food." Jeff now understands how I used to feel when Jordan refused to eat the food I cooked on a daily basis.

Bermuda - The whole family's immigration papers are approved! The kids are accepted at their school, and Jeff starts work next week. We are still without housing, but hope to take care of that shortly.

Weight - I'm throwing this in here because I've discovered that when you tell people you are relocating, much celebration entails. Either our friends are excited we're moving to Bermuda and hope they can stay with us when they visit; or they are really excited we are leaving and are celebrating in anticipation of our departure. Whatever the case may be, I've been on an eating binge for days now, and can barely walk. Between lunches and dinners out.. and a recent wedding (and post-wedding cure-all diner breakfast) the gluttony knows no end. I have stuffed myself at every opportunity.

I feel sick. I totally need to detox. I'm too scared to even step on the scale.

Exhibit A.

celebratory chocolate from Jaques Torres.

Exhibit B.

celebratory BBQ at Bubby's. The broccoli there on the side makes it healthy, ya know.

Exhibit C.

Celebratory bites of kid's mac 'n cheese. If it's on the kid's plate it doesn't count, right?

Exhibit D.

A lot of this. The grown-up version. No straw.

Exhibit E.

At wedding - we are the first people (in a group of 600 guests) to hit the cocktail hour appetizer ball room and sushi table. Jeff's face pretty much corrosponds to how bloated I actually am. He's making a silly face and joking. My stomach, on the other hand, is not.

The flowers were really beautiful. This is me, at the table, looking up at them. The centerpieces must have been 6 feet tall.

I think Jordan has the right idea. I need to to be doing a little less of the fork-to-hand-to mouth thing.

And a little more of this:

and this.

Jordan salutes the light within you.
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