Thursday, September 02, 2010

Who would have thought two lawyers could get so crazy.

Jeff and I just returned from a two day trip to Bermuda. We were hoping to find a house to rent.

View from Paget, waiting for the ferry to the city of Hamilton.

Front Street at the ferry landing.

The ferry ride is what Jeff will be experiencing temporarily while he stays at the company housing. It was a nice commute. But, we need a place for the whole family.

We're hoping this might be it.

It's yellow. Which is actually pretty subdued compared to some of the neighboring homes.

There are several decks. And views.

And here's where I was sold. Just like my current house. The kitchen always gets me.

Living room. Another key point. There's more pics on Flickr - see bar to the side. But I just wanted to give a snapshot view. I think I can see us living here. I can definitely see us hanging out in the kitchen, cooking dinner, eating breakfast before we hurry out the door to school. I can almost picture myself sitting on the deck at sunset, watching the sun turn the clouds a dusky pink, tree frogs chirping in the banana palms.

Next couple weeks will be spent boxing and packing and wrapping things up here in NJ. Even as I pause to consider what it is we're actually doing, I'm looking forward to this next adventure. I can hardly believe this is us! Maybe Jeff and I are having a simultaneous mid-life crisis. Maybe we've completely lost our minds. The verdict is still out on this. All things considered though - we're pretty excited. What the hell. You only live once.
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