Sunday, October 31, 2010

One month down.

It's been just over a month now since we moved to Bermuda. The house is still a mess, we're still not completely settled in, and the whole experience still feels surreal.

But, it's a given that whether you're prepared or not, the days fly by. The kids just finished their first "mid-term break," which translates into seven days in the end of October in which they were not in school.

As luck would have it, they managed to miss most of the week preceeding break too nursing one cold after another.

The one above started it all.

And this one rapidly followed. One cold after another. A fever here. A fever there. And lots of coughing.

While the kids got comfortable on the couch with Mickey and company, I continued my quest to consume as much eggplant as possible this month. Greek style, stuffed eggplant with tomato and feta. Seriously, if I didn't have two kids and a husband to feed as well, this is the kind of thing I could happily eat for dinner every night. With a big salad, of course. Bombay sapphire optional.

The kids both suffered through sore and aching throats. Their pediatrician made their day by recommending a steady diet of ice cream, popsicles and jello. Good. More gnocchi with shrimp and asparagus in pesto for me. And poor Jeff. He'd be content to fire up the grill every night and just throw the first mooing thing on there. Ha. Not while I'm doing the grocery shopping.

I will digress just for a minute though to point out a new culinary phenomenom that I am eager to take advantage of. Fish. I like fish, always have. Here, you can buy fish in the store any time, just like the States. Obviously.

But what's kind of interesting is that here, you can buy fresh caught fish that day from men who just camp out on the side of the road with a big cooler, some ice and a hand-made sign. Jeff picked up a couple of steaks of "Amber Jack." Tossed on the grill, they were delicious! tI guess being on a small island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean has its benefits.

Eventually, the kids started showing some signs of life again. On one of their better days, we went out and got some sunshine at the beach.

Mina at pool. Can you believe this is October?

As Halloween weekend approached, Jordan put in a special request for green jello. Mina tossed in some grapes in a half-hearted attempt at making it "healthy."

By Saturday, the kids were all better and ready to celebrate. Off to a local museum for an arts & crafts morning celebrating all things Halloween.

Spooky bats at Masterworks Gallery.

Later that morning, the kids donned their costumes and we headed over to a Harvest Festival. Yes, she specifically asked to be batman. And Jordan is a storm trooper. The orange storm trooper, he said. You have to have the Star Wars picture encyclopedia to know what he means. Surely that tome is in your library, right?

Me and the bean. I love Halloween. Although it's a little hard wrapping my head around the holiday out here. No trees changing colors. No pumpkin picking.

But still plenty of mischievous devils.

And fearsome, militant stormtroopers on carousels.

The scary spongebob had Mina hiding behind my leg when I took this picture.

The jumbo slide was no match for this guy.

In the afternoon, we had the pleasure of attending a very special, Alice-in-Wonderland themed birthday party for a new friend.

It was just divine!

The Mad Hatter's tea table was the perfect setting for certain characters.

As Alice might have said, "curiouser and curiouser."

Halloween day on the beach. My new favorite yoga position.

Miss Mina catches on fast.

Sharing a beach chair. After sharing germs and a couch for two weeks, it's a wonder they aren't completely sick of each other yet.

Surprisingly not.

I was hoping to get some decent pics today for a holiday card. I don't know. We had some good shots but nothing really stands out yet.

In NJ, you'd be hard pressed not to notice the abundance of squirrels scampering all over everyone's lawns. Here in Bermuda, I have yet to see a single squirrel, but these things are all over the place and they are just as cheeky. This guy brazenly came right up to us at our table searching for crumbs.

Ice cream crumbs that is.

Bailey' shop was all decked out for the holiday.

And we enjoyed our cones in the lovely afternoon sunshine. It was, by far, the most unusual Halloween I have ever spent. But, all things considered, it's hard to complain!

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