Thursday, October 21, 2010

Settling in. Slowly. Sickly.

Miss Mina sank deep into the couch, and we braced for the first outbreak of sickness in Bermuda. Three days of school missed while I wait for the other shoe to drop - Jordan can only be next. Perfect timing too. The school is closed all next week for "mid-term break." Mid-term break my a---.

I have no idea why a break is necessary given that school just started in September. September, people.

Miss Mina, the bunny, the bunny's ears, and Mickey Mouse on tv. Thank God we get that channel. Remind me to do a post on Bermudian cable.

She did perk up enough so that she went to school today. Whew.

However, as predicted, guess who developed a 103 degree fever later this afternoon? Oh, hello Jordan.

Little typhoid Mary. No big surprise, these two are always all over each other.

How one (me) gets through these things.

It's not so bad really. Entertaining sick kids all day is a piece of cake. After all, I just have to dig through a box or two to find exactly the right comforting toy or book. Despite the clutter, we actually are making some progress emptying these things out. It may take another month or two, but I will eventually be done with this. I've reached a point of not caring anymore. I am not stressed.

In fact, I'm happy about some things. Critical items have been found. There's the bed. Hallelujah!

And.. I've got all my pots and pans and most of my cooking utensils unpacked. My recipe keeper binder (look how nicely organized all those torn out magazine pages are) is unpacked, and I can actually look forward to cooking again.

We have working internet again. And although my computer is out of commission, Jeff's is working nicely. My computer is a brand new Apple Macbook. It is currently occupying some dusty shelf in Hamilton while someone gets around to fixing it. I swear, I have the WORST luck with technology. Even brand new, the stuff never comes out working right.

I digress. I saw this recipe I was dying to make. Roasted eggplant soup, courtesy of Smitten Kitchen. And I have roasting pans now!! I love eggplant. Love it. Grilled, parmesan'd, baba ganoushed... in a sandwich, in a curry.

in the stockpot (yay!! I have a stockpot!!!) it doesn't look too pretty. But, trust me, it smelled so good. The roasting really brings out the deep flavors of the eggplant, garlic, onion and tomatoes.

The finished product. Which also required the use of an immersion blender. (YAY!!! Found the blender!!) Jeff and I devoured the soup in one day. Didn't even bother wasting it on the kids. Sorry, I did not just spend an entire afternoon working on a recipe that they are just going to turn their little noses up at. It's brown, after all. Why bother.

I suspect Jeff does not share my enthusiasm with the return of kitchen paraphenalia. This is the only thing that made him grin. The grill, a/k/a where he cooks the meat. That's all he really needs. I'm more of a side dish kinda gal, I've discovered.

Prior to succumbing to illness, we were doing fun things in Bermuda - like taking a walk through historical St. George. This used to be the capital of Bermuda, and its old world appeal is still evident in the architecture and penal system. We couldn't wait to show Jordan the town stockade.

I'm not quite sure why this child looks so giddy, but clearly you can tell he's done enough hard time of his own in the naughty chair to realize this is nothing. Obviously our methods of punishment are having little to no effect on the boy.

Mina, on the other hand, looks suitably deterred. Look at her little eyebrows all furrowed.

And this is my favorite. Might look into investing in one of these for the backyard.


The kids enjoyed a little bit of history, and running around defacing poor Sir George.

Speak softly and carry a big stick.

Hopefully, Jordan will recover quickly so we can enjoy next week's break. There's so many things I'd like to go see! I suppose it really is christening a place when your kids have gotten their first colds and you've met their pediatrician. Then you know you're home.
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