Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Eating.

This year, we decided to head back to the U.S. and do an early Thanksgiving with Grandma H. and Michael in the Poconos. Of course, being the gluttons we are, we also did a small Thanksgiving in Bermuda on Thanksgiving proper. The highlights as follows:

Thanksgiving, part I.

The Poconos, Pennsylvania.

Everyone gripes (well, everyone meaning Jeff) when I announce I'm taking the annual family picture. But I thought this one came out nice. Everyone (Jeff and Jordan) also complain about changing into "dressy" clothes. But don't we all clean up real nice? Mina doesn't complain at all. I came prepared with two different Thanksgiving ensembles for her to choose between. Accessories and shoe changes included. Thankfully, one of them worked for her.

The kids were very excited. They love the Poconos. I love getting them outside. Mina came across something that caught her eye as we built boulder fields and bunny twig hutches in the backyard.

We burned off loads of calories running around madly.

Yeah right. We'd have to run some ultramarathons to burn off the calories we consumed while we were away.

We weren't the only ones fattening ourselves up for the winter. Check out these wild turkeys that found their way unto Grandma's back yard. It's a shame no one in the house would has a gun. Or would even know what to do with one. City folk.

Coming back to visit pretty much rocked Jordan and Mina's world. They got to hang out with Grandma uninterrupted. You bet I was all over that. Grandma happily babysat, and Jeff and I shamelessly took advantage.

While we happily shopped away, she kept the munchkins busy.


Happy parents.

One of the highlights for me was seeing some old friends from Leonia. I missed this gang big time. It was so much fun catching up on gossip and filling them in on our new life in Bermuda.

Eventually, it was time for the big dinner. It did not disappoint:

And finally, it was time for Jordan's favorite part - dessert. Grandma made molten chocolate cake with fresh whipped cream.

Yeah. Look at the face. I can assure you, he doesn't make this face when we drag the turkey out.

We were amazed when even more dessert made an appearance. Good friends decided we needed even more fattening up. Behold the cheesecake assortment. Thanks Kristen and Brandon!

The fun continued with post dinner entertainment.

This drum set used to belong to Monkey Sr. The kids always enjoy testing it out.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. It goes without saying that we have so much to be thankful for. Just one day to remember it doesn't seem enough.

Part II coming soon!
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