Monday, November 29, 2010

Santa comes to Front Street, Bermuda.

This weekend, we got a glimpse of how Bermudians usher in the holiday season. Off we went to Front Street, Bermuda, where apparently half the island descended for front row seats to the Marketplace sponsored parade.

The other half of the island was marching in the parade.

"Marketplace" was one of the main sponsors. It's also the major chain grocery stores on the island, a/k/a - where most of the household budget is spent. I expected a damn, fine parade.

Warned that Santa would be making an appearance, Jordan dragged out the cute face.

And Mina dragged out her favorite Christmas dress. Although it is last season's model, she did liven it up with a tiara, which she waved at all the Miss Bermudian pageant winners who drove by on floats. Look, she seemed to be saying, I have one too!

Except for those times when she was wearing her friend's viking hat. Which, I personally think makes more of a seasonal statement.

Like most parades, there was the element of the traditional. A lovely band, playing classic Christmas songs, albeit in the back of a truck.

And then there was a more modern element - the dancers. These ones were wearing outfits that I felt most comfortable putting on a family friendly blog. According to our neighbors, last year some of the dancers pulled out some moves that were considered too risque for the general audience. They were denounced island wide. I didn't see too much of that this year.

The Marketplace train. Jeff and I speculated how much the train cost and what percentage of it we were responsible for.

Betty crocker was there.

And the electric light orchestra. I mean, the drummers.

Bermudian gombeys in the flesh. These are traditional Bermudian style dancers that come out on special occasions.

Ok, now let's get to the good stuff. Like many parades, goodies got handed out to the parade watchers. In addition to the usual assortment of candy, the Klondike Ice Cream float came by with these treats.

Ice cream cones!!

Followed shortly by the Klondike bars themselves. Yep. I let him eat both. Aren't I the worst mother in the world? And guess what else? I called it dinner! Bwah ha ha!! I suck as a mom!!

I'm rewarded with this.

But to get that picture, we had to put up with several of these. Consider this my attempt at keepin it real folks. Pretty much 99% of our pictures look like this one. That's why the digital camera was invented.

Upon seeing a potential Santa sighting, Mina completely lost it.

"MOMMY!!!!!!!" She screamed.


Yes, I wanted to squeeze her for being so cute, and sweet and innocent all at once. Of course, she was completely jacked up on sugar too, but anyway.

Mina and her insane clown posse from school. Yep. See what sugar, plus Christmas merriment and staying up late will do to you.

And here's what was left in my bag at the end of the night.
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