Saturday, November 06, 2010

Scenes from the weekend.

When I was a working mum, I remember eagerly awaiting the weekend and the chance to "relax." Relax meant running errands, grocery shopping, doing a costco run, going to the dry cleaner and trying to fit in a fun activity or two for the kids amidst the daily weekend grind of things that had to get done but couldn't during the week.

Now, being back home full time, I eagerly look forward to the start of the week, so that things can just settle down around the house once the kids are in school. Weekends are just too darn busy! Give me the peace and quiet of Monday morning anytime!

This weekend was a busy one too. In between haircuts (disaster), laundry, cooking, attempts at hanging pictures (stalled before it even began), running, pool time and bowling, we also had the switch back from daylight savings time. That's been fun. And extra hour of mayhem at the end of the day.

On Saturday we had the brilliant idea to get the kids' hair cut. Mina's was way too long and impossible to manage, and Jordan's was so thick and shaggy you could weave into a blanket to stay warm for the winter. But since that isn't an issue for us anymore, it was off to the salon for us.

Since we don't know anything and apparently lack resources to rely upon for crucial information, we just googled hair salons and went with the one with the best name. In hindsight, that was probably not the best idea.


I really wish I had my camera when we were at the "salon." It was pretty much a little hole in the wall on the outskirts of Hamilton, and the pictures on the windows should probably have clued me in that a place that specialized in men's braids and hot rod curl treatments was not ideally suited for what we needed. Oh well, live and learn. It'll grow back. I don't know what the hell they did to Jordan. Jeff was supposed to be supervising that.

Something must have snapped in Mina though, because later that afternoon, she decided she wanted to play salon. She and Jordan sat out in the yard, not even 20 feet away from us, and proceeded to chop off huge chunks of her hair. I can't believe the damage she did. She looks like Alfafa from the Our Gang series. I'm already exhausted thinking about the conversation I am going to have to have with her teacher tomorrow when i explain why I cannot pull Mina's hair tightly back away from her face.

Moving on.

We've been doing a lot of cooking these days. And lucky monkeys. Given the cost of things, I am firmly committed to cooking one meal for all of us. I do try and be fair about it. Breakfast and lunch are solely kid friendly choices. And I do try to include one or two nights of dinner that are kid friendly. But every other dinner is whatever I feel like cooking and we make do. This week, that's included fish, lamb, steak, and loads of veggies.

The kids were with me when I pulled over on the side of North Shore Rd and scored some fresh fish from Mr. Casey.

"Turbot," he said. "You try this; and I promise I see you next week."


What's for dinner? Whatever's in the fridge. Catch of the day, baked with thyme, butter and lemon. Sauteed bok choy and steamed green beans. Sam Adams Light optional.

Yeah, he was thrilled.

But we persevered.

And enough got eaten to warrant some dessert.

Dinner can go either way. Some nights its complete disaster (like this evening. They were both so exhausted from the time change, the swimming, the bowling, the no napping..)

Or dinner can kind of be fun - broadly defined.

the kids learn about real music via You tube.

Exhibit A, U2 performs "Helter Skelter."

I have to elaborate a little on this. Our new car is kind of old school. Unlike the NJ minivan of old, There's no dvd player for movies. There's no entertainment, sort of actually talking to each other (gasp!). And I have to drive these crazy Bermuda roads without screaming. Kid screaming that is. Thus, I am introducing them to my old cd collection. Maybe not Rage Against the Machine or Nine inch Nails. But everything else.

I have limited patience with kiddie music, even the new generation of "cool" kid music branded by musicians I once listened to. Sorry. No patience.

But, they are liking U2. It's a little disconcerting though when we can hear them singing themselves to sleep with the lyrics to Helter Skelter, but that's neither here nor there.

More cooking:


To go with this... lamb pitas with minted baby pea hummus.

Which gets deconstructed into this:

Bread with minted pea spread and a sliver of cucumber swiped from her salad.

Or this:

Your guess is as good as mine what he's done here.

Oh yeah. It's a wild and crazy ride.

I'm having better luck with desserts. Naturally. This chocolate chip banana bread recipe has been on heavy rotation the last two weeks in a row. It goes well with Simon and Garfunkel and Southern Gothic vampire books from Charlaine Harris. Yes, Bermuda library!

And lest you think all we do is stuff ourselves silly, we've been out and about too.

November pool days at the beach club.


Yeah, I'd love to know how to fix this mop.
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