Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas cookies. And other stuff.

What I really want.


mint chocolate grasshopper brownies

What I made instead.

because it's easier.

And has peanut butter.

and chocolate.

School is out for the season, and we're trying to keep the kids amused. We dragged them to a local production of that holiday treat - "The Nutcracker." Only this one was "Nutcracker Spectacular." Which, I learned later meant - not really the Nutcracker at all.

But that's ok. The kids sat still. Which, translated means - "They enjoyed it very much!"

Recreating the performance:

Quotidian bits - Dressing in Bermuda: Unlike Mina, some of us can't get away with wearing a pink Christmas dress with faux fur trim all season long. I'm still trying to figure out how to best dress for the weather here in December. Some days it's warm enough that I have left the house in shorts. But that's getting rarer. More often than not, I'm sporting some version of this:

Sartorialist capture

This is pretty much my go-to outfit these days. Jeans. sweater. Scarf. clogs. Of course, I probably weigh about thirty pounds more than this young filly, and can never remember to wear my rockin signature ring... but take a look at the site. Seems like people thought this was a cute look! I knew I had something here.

Mental note - must find signature oversize ring and glue cellphone to head to achieve perfect fashion capture.

But why am I dressed this warm? Isn't it sunny and tropical here?


Not always. Bermuda is certainly warmer than New Jersey, this time of the year. But unlike the Caribbean countries further south, it gets kinda cold.

It's been raining a lot and the temperatures have dropped. The combined damp and chill really sinks into your bones. I've been wearing scarves, fleece, sweaters and hats.

Jeff, on the other hand, continues to wear shorts and polo shirts in open defiance of nature.

While he does his arts and crafts in the warm kitchen, flanked by oatmeal chocolate-chip cookies.


Storm trooper snowflakes!

Why I'm dressing warm:

40 mph winds.

View of Bailey's Bay

Anyway, no need to cry me any rivers. I'll take the rain and winds any day over snow, thank you very much.

Yeah, this was my view last winter. That was fun. Someone up there was listening to me all those days I spent shovelling snow off the driveway, sidewalk and car. I swore I would be happy if I never had to see snow again. Life sure works out strange sometimes doesn't it?

The rain and winds settled down enough today that I could take Oscar for a walk. Here's one of our favorite paths, along Bermuda's Railway Trail.

This is a gorgeous view. The spray was pretty high today from the winds which made me worry about my camera and getting the salt off the lens. That, and Oscar was getting blown backwards.

The Railway Trail once was an actual train and tracks that ran the span of most of the Island. It fell into disuse though. But it's maintained now as a walking route. Except when it ends - as here.

These are concrete pylons of sorts that span Bailey's Bay.

I like running portions of the Trail for the view and also because it gets me off the roads where the drivers are. In our neck of the island, running this portion of the trail has brought me through "Coney Island Park." I think that's kind of ironic given our Brooklyn roots. One of these days I am going to bring the camera with me so I can take pictures of more of the chickens that seem to have taken over the park. As well as the sign which boldly reads, "Please don't feed the feral chickens."

Did you ever think you'd read the words "feral" and "chicken" in the same sentence? Sometimes I think my life has gotten very weird.
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