Sunday, December 12, 2010

A Dockyard Christmas

The holiday season continues here in Bermuda. This weekend, we crammed in as much activity as we possibly could, because we're firm believers in using our weekends to relax.

The plan:

Saturday: Morning at Dockyards, pub lunch, matinee at Neptune, and grown up work holiday party at Southampton Princess.

Even writing about it makes me so tired, I want to crash on the couch with a glass of wine and a DVR'd episode of Gilmore Girls. (Laugh if you want, but this is pretty much my nightly routine.)

The Royal Navy Dockyards (a/k/a "King's Wharf) is just about the farthest point west on the island. Now, granted, Bermuda is only 21 something miles long.. but driving down these winding twisty roads for 21 miles gives you a new appreciation for the concept of distance. We don't have a dvd player in the car, so the only thing we had to amuse each other with was our music and our stimulating conversation.

What? You didn't think 4 and 5 year olds were capable of stimulating conversation?

Jordan: MAAHHHMMM!!! (mom) how much longer?

me: Oh.. not much further now (my little smurf).. wait, look.. here's a map. Dockyards is alllllll the way on the far west side of the island. Look, let me show you. (I turn and point out where Dockyards is located and then point out where our house is located... way over there on the east side of the island.

Mina: I wannnna seee!! I can't see!! I need a map!

me: Let's share. Jordan will look. Then Mina can look. We'll take turns! (Doesn't that sound like fun!)

Jeff: [Driving. Avoiding scooters zipping in and out in front of him. Grumbling.]

me: (fighting nausea caused by turning around in the car and facing backwards). So, you see, we clearly have a ways to go.

Mina: I wanna hold the map! Jordan, it's my turn!

Jeff: Actually, can I see the map? I need to see where we are. Mina?? Uh.. Mina??

Arrival at Dockyards:

Lunch at the Frog and Onion.

Jordan reads Mina the kids menu. The first item on it was "nutella sandwich." Jordan read the words and promptly announced, " I want that!" I burst out laughing and said," yeah right!" Because I honestly thought he was joking. No way in hell could that really be a menu item. Jordan showed me the menu, and damn. He was right!!

He still didn't get one.

He did, however, get his cranberry juice with lime. He orders this every time we go out now, and I don't know what to make of it. Part of me sort of laughs as I see the waiters do a double take. Of course, he also sucks on the lime like it's part of his meal. Really. He has weird taste.

Cranberry mouth.

Cranberry noses.

Burning off some energy outside.

And then we saw the playground. Apparently, Jordan's teacher at school had mentioned a "tunnel slide" at Dockyard. I hoped she was right because I was in no mood to disappoint the kid after that drive.

Pushing on the swings.

I love the look on her face.

And his too. When these two get along, they really get along. (And when they don't... well, they REALLY don't.)

Jeff caught up on his sleep too. Added bonus. And I'm sure Mina's bunny did not mind being a pillow for his head.

And before we hit the movies, we managed to sneak in some ice cream.

Mina poses with a look that is both beautiful and dreamy.

But, I prefer this one myself. This has her personality all over it.

The movie - "Tangled" - was super cute, in a standard, Disney sort of way. Apart from the characters having ginormous eyes (you were so right A), and that ridiculous smug look on the hero's face that I wanted to smack the heck off... I liked it. I did. Really.

Jordan enjoyed about an hour of it then decided it was boring. Which I get. Although, I'll give him credit, he sat through the whole thing and didn't fuss too much.

Mina, on the other hand, is firmly entrenched in the land of unicorns, rainbows and gumdrops. Anything that interferes with her version of the perfect world cannot be tolerated. Case in point, near the end of the movie, when events began to take that turn toward the dark side, that all fairy tales seem to involve.. well, she literally burst into tears.

Loud, sobbing tears. Repeatedly.

Hero gets slashed with a knife? She burst into tears.

Evil witch reveals her true motives for keeping Rapunzel ignorant of her history? Burst into tears.

Bad guys come back to hunt down hero? Yep - Burst into tears.


Thank God the movie was only an hour and a half.

She passed out almost instantly on the car ride home. Which worked out well, since it provided the perfect amount of nap time between Dockyard and our house all the way on the other side of the island.

Wish us luck because next week, we're scheduled to see a Bermudian version of the "Nutcracker."

As long as no one gets killed, hurt, or has their dreams crushed, we should be ok.

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