Thursday, January 06, 2011

Fish Tales.

We wrapped up our holiday break (did I mention it was three WEEKS long?) with a trip to the Bermuda Aquarium. Both Jordan and Mina have been there with their respective school classes, so they were excited to show me around.

Jordan's first stop - the shark tank. Uh. I had to repress the involuntary shudder when I saw this guy. I think I watched Jaws too many times as a kid. Just thinking about this thing slithering around in that tank paralyzes me.

Look how brave they are.

Look at that crazy person back there taking pictures. Doesn't she realize all the beauty of nature surrounding her right there in that deep water tank? Can't she just stop and smell the roses without having to take a picture of every single thing? Jeesh..

This is more my speed. Ahh.. look how pretty!

The Bermuda Aquarium is also a zoo - these are scarlet ibis. The picture is totally unedited. Can you believe their coloring? That poor little white one in the back looks jealous.

And there's also a small playground in the complex as well. Score!

Wildlife on display.

The kids and I had a great time at the Aquarium and they have a very reasonable family pass for the year. So I signed up for that. I intend to get lots of mileage out of that one.

So, I had to contrast the fish fun we had on Saturday, with the disastrous fish eating experience of last night. Yeah, I took pictures of the whole, weeping mess. It was the only way to maintain my sanity.

Behold - tilapia!

If for some reason you haven't tried tilapia, it's just about the mildest, least offensive, least fishy smelling like fish you could ever encounter. You might as well call it a piece of white bread. Kind of like the white bread Jordan uses to hide all the food that makes its way onto his plate.

I'm not entirely sure why tears need to be involved. He's not related to you, after all. Oh, and guess what? You've eaten it before many times and barely noticed. Remember? And it's not a far cry from the frozen fish sticks you happily munch on every week.

Do any of you have kids out there that bask in the attention of being the "good" kid? Mina's got it down to a science. When she sees Jordan pull his "I'm not eating" card, she goes the other way.

"Look at me mom! I ate it!"

Right. And there's nothing hiding under that slice of bread over there.

Maybe he's aspiring to be vegetarian. All I know is, I am storing these pictures as ammunition. One day, little man... they will make a reappearance.
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