Sunday, January 02, 2011

Welcome 2011!

The kids (and us) survived their first New Year's Eve party. I wondered whether taking them out at night would work out, given they are usually in bed by 8:00 pm on a regular basis. But, surprise, surprise - they did just fine. It helped that there was a whole posse of other kids at the party to keep them entertained. There were a lot of desserts. Oh, and I think we left by 10:30 anyway.

That worked out just fine for me too. I can't remember the last time I stayed out till midnight anyway.

And to put aside all doubts about it, this picture confirms that I have now officially joined the ranks of shlumpadink moms out there. Look, it even says it on my t-shirt. Oy.

I'm not crazy about the picture, but it captured a great moment. We took this picture on New Year's Day in the afternoon at John Smith's Bay beach. It was divine. The sun was shining. The air was balmy. And after kicking around a soccer ball on the beach for a bit, we lounged about on the beach towel snacking and watching the ocean. This might be my new favorite way of welcoming in the new year. Moments like this remind me of why we moved to Bermuda. When the weather cooperates, there's just nothing like it. I could sit and stare at those ocean waves for hours, letting the tranquility of the beach soak into my bones and take the craziness away.

Thankfully, the weather has continued to cooperate. This morning we headed out to the park and took a detour along a stretch of the Bermuda Railway Trail near Shelly Bay.

This is a great stretch of the trail that runs along the turquoise water. I love it.

From our house, it's about two miles to get to this stretch. Or you could just drive there.

And enjoy the view.
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