Sunday, February 06, 2011

Crazy kids.

Crazy face:

Mina came home from a birthday party this afternoon with this face. Notwithstanding the face... the birthday party was a DROP OFF!!! Holy moly, Batman!!! WE HAVE ARRIVED!!! They start the drop off routine earlier here in BDA!!! YES!!!!

Crazy valentines:

I am just loving this website. It's called "Pink and Green Mama." This mom has some great crafty ideas. Since we have no Target to buy cheap Valentine trinkets, I am borrowing her cool idea for recycling crayon bits into Valentine hearts to distribute.

Now, I just have to make another thirty or so and "we'll" be all set.

Crazy kid:

While Mina was partying, Jordan and I took a walk/ride on the wild side.


That crazy screeching in the background is not me. It's a bird. The Great Kiskadee of Bermuda!
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