Monday, March 28, 2011

I'm like a fine wine...

I keep getting better with age.

"It's my mommy's BIRTHDAY today!!" Mina informed the waitress, the very second she came over to the table.

"SHE'S 39 YEARS OLD!!!!" She exclaimed.

The waitress looked at me in sympathy and smiled.

"Well, happy birthday there mommy!" The waitress said. Mina went back to coloring, content that all pertinent information had now been conveyed.

It was a great weekend. I pretty much celebrated non stop.

A nice little 10k in the morning..


Lunch with the kids at the Swizzle Inn..

Some family golf practice. I need to practice some more. We entered a family tournament with the kids in April. This should be good for a few laughs. I think Jordan's primary motivation is the opportunity to ride around in the golf cart all morning. Ok, maybe that's really my motivation too.

And a very fancy dinner at Fourways at night.

No kids.

Birthday celebrating continued on Sunday. It was time to cash in the spa gift certificate I had received for Christmas. Jeff had wisely taken the advice of a work friend, who recommended the Willow Stream Spa, at the Fairmont Southampton Princess Hotel. The friend I went with was the perfect guide to thoroughly enjoying the day. Normally, I would have just gone to the spa - maybe a little early to relax in the sauna - done my treatments and just gone home.

But clearly, I am a spa newbie. She expertly planned the day to include lunch, hangout time, and even high tea. By the time we were done, it was early evening. We fully trusted the husbands to get the kids fed and bathed. And they did just fine.

View from the lounge of the spa. In between sipping water garnished with fruit, I had an aromatherapy message (love.) and a pedicure. We had lunch by the pool which overlooked the South shore beaches.

After treatments were over, it was definitely time for high tea. This was so much fun. I wish I could do this every weekend. Oh those wee little sandwiches!

And lovely little bites of dessert..

And those tasty little cocktails. Oops. What's that?

Yeah, high tea doesn't normally include a chocolate martini, but we were so far into decadent-ville, I decided I wasn't taking any prisoners now. Might as well jump in all the way. Who cares, I wasn't driving anyway. Yee-haw!

The kids barely noticed I was gone. They dropped me off at the hotel in the morning and took off for the beach and playground with Jeff. Warwick Bay playground is a great place for the young 'uns. From the playground, you can follow a trail down to the beach just below.

And when you're hungry you can hit the North Rock brewing company for some lunch.

It's not hard turning a year older when you have so much fun doing it! Major props to Jeff for minding the kids the whole happy day; and for making birthday weekend such fun.

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