Thursday, March 31, 2011

Six months in.

We've hit the half year mark. It's hard to believe, but it's true. We've been living in Bermuda for six months now. When people here ask me how I'm adjusting to it, I still have to pause and figure it out. The upbeat side of me focuses on how amazing this adventure has been for us. In terms of writing the chapters of your life, a brief respite on a tropical locale ranks pretty high up there. It sometimes feels like we've been served with justa little bitta heaven on a silver platter. How can you not love that?

And then of course, there's the realist in me. That's the voice I don't usually share with the casual inquirer who asks how we are adjusting. This is a beautiful place. Don't get me wrong. But this is a temporary home. And as gorgeous as it is, there are significant downsides to living out here. I'm not going to get into the politics of it. But you know how in the US, people debate immigrant foreign policy? Here in Bermuda, we're the immigrants. And guess what? There are a LOT of people who take pains to remind me of that. It's an odd concept - trying to wrap your head around the fact that the welcome here is a transient one. If they are welcoming at all.

There are times when I have those conversations with friends, especially those who have been out here for years (5, 10, 12, 13 years!!!!). When they voice their concerns to me, I'm empathetic. But I'm also a bit scared because I'm already thinking those things! Being an ex-pat in Bermuda means a lot of things. Not all of them are good. For the time being though, I am trying to appreciate the adventure that we are on. Each day brings its joys and reality-checks.

Can you believe the sunsets? Jeff caught one the other night from our balcony. On that particular evening, I was with my running class for a twilight run along Port Royal Golf Course. Now, I'm not a golfer, but for those of you who are, you might recognize the name. It's a pretty famous course. And it's also a public course. Which thus means, I am running on it barefoot as the sun sets. And I am running with a teacher who happens to be one of the top runners on the island. And she brings that game world-wide. She ranked at the NYC half marathon a few weeks ago. She's also older than me, and she just gives me hope. I think I have a girl crush.

I didn't bring my camera, for obvious reasons. But if you want to get a sense of this course, check out the flickr photostream of this individual below:

WCities, on flickr

And then picture yourself running barefoot as the sun set on the South Shore, over Whale Bay. The grass was so dewy, my feet bounced under me like a springboard. I did sprints back and forth, up and down hills. And before I even knew it, I had finished five miles. It was the best running I have done in a long time.

One thing I'm still getting used to is the school schedule here. Yet again, the kids have off for a two week break. During one of them, we've signed them up for "camp." Camp is conveniently located at school, so the routine remains the same.

This break means a hiatus in all after school activities. When the kids get home, they have a snack, they play outside for a bit, maybe do some arts and crafts. But there's sometimes a lag - typically when I'm making dinner. During that time, they're allowed some tv. Today, Jordan asked for something special.

Anyone recognize what this is?

Yeah. It's the Food Network. I am not quite sure who this is. I think her name is Sunny Anderson. And right now, she's making "greens." Jordan asked to watch "Food." This cracked me up beyond belief. He knows the Food Network because I tape the Barefoot Contessa these days. He caught me watching it one weekend. Mina was very kind to let him get the viewing choice today. She really wanted to watch the "Jetsons."

As an aside, since moving to BDA, we've discovered the Boomerang channel. It is hands down, my favorite kids channel because it plays ALL the old cartoons we grew up with - Scooby Doo, the Jetsons, the Flintstones, the Smurfs, Hong-Kong Phooie (I know, I know.. you'd NEVER get away with that these days!), Pink Panther, etc. Jeff caught me watching an episode of Scooby Doo one day and the kids were nowhere to be found.

Oscar could care less what the heck we're watching or how we're adjusting to life on the Devil's Island. It's 6 pm and he wants to know where his dinner is. Don't you love how he blends in with the rug? Except for the reproachful scowl of his. Isn't he precious? He decided to take his precious self through the backyard gate, over to our neighbor's house, where he ravaged their Brussels sprout cabbage leaves. Yes, the irony is not lost on me. He is a Brussels Griffon after all. Even though its in name only.

Posts may be slow for a week. Please forgive me. We're hosting guests from Florida!! Yipee!!! I'm so psyched! I've been menu planning for days now. Jordan and Mina are so excited. It's one big camp out for them!

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