Monday, March 21, 2011


Don't you wear pink ear muffs when you go out to play?

I've been in a bloggy slump lately. It's inevitable, I guess. I've just been feeling tired.

But, we've been busy!

After a week of one kid or the other being sick.. they both made it back to school by Friday. Which was great; because Friday was "Open Day." This involved me coming to school and getting the grand tour by both kids, viewing their work, and of course, buying them snacks from the bake sale.

Yes, some of those snacks included things I baked as well. That's the part I love. I shop for the ingredients, bake 'em AND get to pay for them all over again!

Looking at pics of all the kids from school who ran the Telford Mile.

I loved learning about their work in the classrooms and getting a first hand glimpse into how they spend their mornings. Here, Jordan explains the point system they use in their classroom. This fascinated me to no end because we have a similar concept at work in our home. At home, we have our good and bad days. However at school. Jordan's tally sheet made me do a double-take.

Look at this kid go! (Don't you wonder what's going on with "Somers" though? I think maybe that kid might have moved. I don't recall seeing him any of the times I go in to volunteer.) I'm also proud that Jordan has more checks that "Q-bear" who is, as you might have guessed, a bear. He's some kind of a class mascot. More on him later.

Mina gets a look at "Tuck," the turtle. Here they call him a "terrapin" though.

Her class made a wall size diagram of the playground. The monkey bars were her contribution. Good for her for tackling a drawing project like that! Part of me wondered whether she drew those because of Jordan's love of swinging from them. On a side note - they all call her "Samina" in school, which of course is her proper name. I never use it though. She's always been my little Mina.. or bean.. or Mina-bo-bean. So, I always look surprised when one of her teachers refers to her as "Samina." Today a little classmate of hers corrected me when I arrived at school and called out for her.

"No, Samina's mommy. Her name is SAMINA," she said slowly, in case I had trouble understanding.

I giggled. "Samina's mommy..."

One of the many things I got to lug home Friday was "Q-bear." Yep, there he is. We got to keep him over the weekend and include him in all our adventures. Then "we" get to write up a few pages of what those adventures consisted of and attach pictures to use in the Q-bear journal. The journal came home too. As I looked through the fully illustrated tome of antics that the bear has been on, I mentally sighed. Time to get some new ink for the color printer.

I am nosey enough to actually read some of the entries in the journal. With the exception of ONE, they were all clearly done by the parent. I noted what restaurants the families visited for dinner, for Sunday brunch (that seems to be a big thing here), the different activities the kids did over the weekend. It was the kind of slice of Bermuda life you don't always see from the tour guides. I was sort of glad we had stuff planned for the weekend, so I could force Jordan to drag the bear along and so I could lug my camera along too.

First, there was some scooter riding.

Then some random bear-tossing. This was my favorite activity, hands down.

After a thorough bath in the washing machine, the bear joined us for another busy Saturday.

First, golf.

Then, an awesome Thomas the Train themed birthday party.

Afterwards, some obligatory grocery shopping.

In preparation for the first barbecue of the season on Sunday!

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