Sunday, April 17, 2011

Agricultural Fair 2011

Since it was Friday, it stands to reason that the kids should be off from school.


What? They don't do this where your kids go to school?

The occasion this week was the annual Agricultural Fair, held at the Botanical Gardens. I was warned that most of Bermuda comes out to visit.

"Expect chaos," was how someone succinctly put it.

That being said, of course we had to go. So, I rounded up the troops and off we went. Added bonus - I was really looking forward to seeing Mina's school entry, a picture of "Big Bird and Friends." She even won a ribbon for it. The ribbon was presented at school, at their weekly school assembly. I wish someone had notified me to be there. I would have loved to see that.

I took a picture of her for posterity at home though.

And here's her winning picture:

It only took me about two hours and two Fair volunteers to ask before I was able to locate it. Nonetheless, we were very proud of our little bean.

The Fair itself is something like what I imagine a 4H festival must be like. Lots of animals on display, lot of arts and crafts, lots of baked goods competing with one another (might have to enter something next year.) The kids and I walked around for a long time admiring everything.

Some samples:

Miniature gardens

Container gardens

"High Tea" party hats (Speaking of which, someone needs to invite me to a Royal Wedding celebration party here on the island.)

Easter egg shell art,

Baked goods (My favorite)

They also had livestock being judged.

Baby cows - which made Jordan very happy.

And bunnies too - which made Mina positively gleeful.

No awards for cotton candy eating monkeys though.

Pity. I'm confident we'd win that one hands down.

ps.. They have off next Friday too. I'm not kidding. Good Friday or something. Can anyone say tuition reduction?
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