Friday, April 08, 2011

Bringing the vacation home.

Recently, we had some good friends visit us. It's been a while since we vacationed together.

One week. Four kids. And a whirlwind tour of Bermuda.

This time, the vacation happened to be in our neck of the woods. The nice thing about friends visiting is that it gives us a chance to learn more about our new home in the process. It's kind of like living in NYC. Unless you're showing people around, how often do you actually go to the Statue of Liberty or the Empire State Building?

We did a little of the tried and true. But we also ventured forth a bit as well.

Visiting Bermuda in April, we discovered, can be dicey. The weather never seems quite sure what it wants to do. We had a mix of sunny, a whole lotta windy, and a day or two of the heavy showers. Our water tank was happy (long story), but bad weather is bad weather no matter where you are - even Bermuda.

The cast of characters. Grace..


Three monkeys in a tree...

Sunny days demanded some beach time. Even if we did look like crazy Americans. Real Bermudians don't step foot on the beach this time of year. Jordan doesn't bother with societal rules like that. Can't say I blame him. It was a beautiful day. I was still a little cold though. That's normal. Unless it's about 80 degrees or more.. I'm cold. I keep telling Jeff that it's in my genes. Never mind all those years living in upstate New York. That was a fluke.

It was a good day to do cartwheels into the ocean, however.

Or lay back on the beach chair and chill. (More my speed.)

We live very close to the Crystal Caves, which is one of the popular tourist places on the island. I've never been yet; so I was excited to see it too!

The kids had so much fun. All of them were asking questions of the tour guide. Neither of my kids has seen something like this yet. There's something kind of cool about looking into the depths of the earth this way.

Another day, we hit Horseshoe Bay Beach. This time around, the kids decided to move beyond the beach and hit the cliffs instead. "Oh yay," my inner mommy voice of doom, worry and gloom cried.

Yet, they scaled to the top unharmed.

Here's part of the view.

It made us all a bit giddy. Giddy enough to defy gravity for just a minute.

This little guy wasn't scared of anything. Let me at it, he seemed to say.

And there he goes. Up the steep sand embankment.

"What? Me worry?"

Of course, no vacation with the Perkins would be complete without food. And that's only part of the reason why I love them so. Between over the top Sunday brunches at the Southampton Princess, to the 50 pounds of Costco steaks they gifted us with... it was a food lover's kinda week. Did I mention how much I love them?

Did I also mention that Brandon showed me how to make bread? Home made bread - the kind that Jordan devoured by the LOAF. With loads and loads of butter? Oh. My. God. It is so good. I've got a loaf resting on the counter right now that I just made. I've decided that everyone who comes to visit us must come armed with their favorite recipe, which they can teach me how to cook. Free room, board, and taxi service in exchange. Anyone? Anyone?

But just when it seemed as though there might be an end to our gluttony, someone decided to show me how to make Paula Deen's homemade cinnamon rolls. Please don't ask me how many sticks of butter are in this recipe. You can pretty much count the sighs of joy, which are directly proportionate with the sticks of butter. Isn't it funny how that works?

That's why they call it a vacation, I guess. Thanks Perkins for visiting us!! Come back soon!!
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