Monday, April 11, 2011

Nature Walk

Two (plus) weeks later, school break is finally drawing to a close. One of these days, I'm sure the whole school break system will start to make sense to me. For now, however, I'm left wondering why the kids are out of school more often than they are in it.

Since today was their last day of freedom, we decided to have a morning adventure and enjoy the sunshine. Off we went, to commune with nature at the Bermuda Botanical Gardens.

The plan - bring along bug jars and a picnic, collect various odd bits and pieces of cast off nature, assemble nature diagram in our art books. I wish I could take credit for the idea, but it came from this source. Yay!

And the park is free too! Double yay!

While we waited for our friends to arrive, we explored the park. It's 26 acres, so there's lots of walking. We wandered about, letting our feet take us where they would.

Isn't this tree amazing? Look at the root structure. It made me think of the Ents from Lord of the Rings. Wasn't that a great series? Did I also mention I am the biggest nerd in the world? Just in case you had me confused with someone else.

Walking about, we observed Bermudian flora..

And fauna...

including these ducks who decided to follow us around for a good 100 yards or so (after we fed them bread, of course.)

The Garden also houses planted gardens with herbs, vegetables and flowers.

Including the once famous Bermuda onions that Mina was very eager to show me. I say "famous" because once upon a time, exportation of the onions was an important source of revenue for the island.

I digress.

Once we got home, the hodge podge of assorted nature bits were left to assemble...

right... the fun part.

Pretty simple concept. Outline nature shapes, fill in.

Simple = good.

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