Saturday, May 07, 2011

Jordan's Sports Day 2011.

They sure do it differently here.

Jordan had his "sports day" this Friday. This was an hour and a half of sports- like activities involving his class and the year above him. He did a sprint and something called "turtle toss." Don't worry. It was not a real turtle.

When I was his age, we used to do something at school called "Field Day." It was at the end of the year, there were various races. We competed with each other. There was a prize for first, second and third in each race. We had lunch outside. Lunch consisted of hotdogs, watermelon and fries. There was milk. In other words, nothing that unusual. There were no parents. If you didn't place at an event, you didn't get a ribbon. End of story.

Cue theme song to "Chariots of Fire."

Sports Day here was very different. EVERYONE was there. There were bleachers and tents hauled out onto the field. People left work early to come and must have camped out an hour ahead of time, because I had to park about a half mile away from the school. I spent an hour and a half cooking.

Turtle toss.

There was massive quantities of food. Sandwiches, wraps (some of which I supplied), baked goods, snacks, drinks, local manufacturer sponsored beverages, etc. I made thai chicken basil wraps. Gone in minutes.

Of course, I had a blast. I love this sh...

Yep. There I am.

And the school got the parents involved too. The year One moms vs. the Year two moms in tug of war. We lost. But I am loving this picture. Look, I have arm muscles!!!

Same for the dads. Don't bother looking for Jeff. He was nursing an injury or something and hid among the wives.

I also dragged Mina out of class to show some sibling support. She hung out for about a half hour till she realized she had to get back to class in time for a friend's cupcake break. He was celebrating his birthday that afternoon.

Ahh, family loyalty.
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