Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cousins in Bermuda.

My nephews came to visit recently and soak up the summer sun on the beaches of Bermuda. I did not drag out the camera as much as I should have, mainly because I was just awed.

I mean, look at this face!!

My kids had a blast. Especially since Arman has reached the critical phase of being old enough to play with them, but still young enough to let them boss him around. They were in heaven. The perfect audience to all their craziness.

OMG. There's the face again...

A day into it, my poor nephew will never be the same. He came here content with organic lollipops as his special treat. He left scarred for life - Keebler fudge stripe cookies, M&M ice cream cones, sundaes with chocolate sauce and a choice of four different kinds of sprinkles.... ah well. What happens in Bermuda, stays in Bermuda.

They got along so well!

Bonding over chocolate shakes at the pool helped.

We can only hope they come back soon!!
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