Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Bolder Boulder 2011 - Because it's cheaper than therapy.

I'm back from running the annual Bolder-Boulder 10k. I did a lot of training this year, including following a training program designed for a half marathon. I completed it, but skipped the half because of leg issues. I was nervous about running Boulder because I had to take several weeks off to heal. But, as any runner knows - this is a mental game more than anything else.

(For the record, I am 5' 5", but standing next to these two makes me look like a little, brown leprechaun.)

Highlights: Beating my time from last year by five minutes. YES!! This was a good run for me. I didn't push myself, the hills were a breeze, I was able to sprint the last quarter mile, including up the hill into the stadium, and I never felt winded or tired. I owe a big thanks to the running coach I worked with out here. Her class really showed me the difference between running and the slap-happy jogs I was used to doing. I'm not saying you'll see me sporting any Boston race bibs any time soon.. but still. I actually felt like a runner for a change.

Lowlight: Getting nabbed by immigration on return into BDA and fined $200 for having the wrong re-entry form. Boo.

In between, I had a blast. The Boulder run is very well attended. Why? Because running at sea level is for sissies. At least that's what the t-shirt I bought says. I'd much rather run at 6,000 feet above sea level. Apparently 50,000 other runners agree with me.

A few good men. These are the marines I shot a pic of as they passed me in formation. Their lead runners carry two full size flags on posts. Right before they they finish the 6.2 miles, they pull to the side in the stadium, drop and do twenty push ups, AND THEN finish the race together. That's hard core.

I just run in, gasp for air, and thank God I am still alive.

Most races provide water stops along the way. They do it differently out here.

They also provide supplemental fueling stations to replenish your electrolyte balance.

Of course, the best part of the race was running it with family.

I like this tradition, and I like how the group is expanding every year. Next big race is in Bermuda. I'm thinking this one. It's cheaper if we sign up early.

Who's in?
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