Thursday, June 23, 2011

sick week.

Poor Bean. She's been under the weather since last Sunday. Eye infection, coughing, fever... She's missed all week of school so far; and I suspect Friday will probably be out as well. She's going to be crushed. Her class is having their end of the year picnic on the beach.

(yes, she is wearing ear muffs. Her request.)

On the other hand, the other monkey in the house has been having a blast. He's had all kinds of solo adventures:

Kayaking in the bays.

Daily morning rides to school with Dad on the scooter... Look at that grin! Jeff smiles bravely, but he's hiding his fear. Believe it or not, people actually do ride their kids to school on their bikes. I've seen many a kid even younger than Jordan sitting up front and holding on for dear life. I don't recommend you do this in the States; but here in Bermuda.. it's another world. Given the size of Jordan's helmet, and the fact that Jeff probably drove about 10 mph, I'm sure it's fine.

There's only a week left of school. This seems surreal. We've been here almost 9 months!! I'm curious to see what a full scale summer in Bermuda will be like. I've been warned that it gets so hot and humid at times, that all you want to do is stay inside where it's air conditioned.

Uh-oh. Time to start planning activities.
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