Saturday, July 30, 2011

Bermuda blues

Blue eyes..

Blue skies

Blue boards

Blue waves

the blues... (hunger pangs??)

Four day weekend here in BDA. We've spent most of it on one beach or another. And it's been a blast! Happy Cup Match/ Emancipation Day!

I'm still trying to learn more about the actual holiday - which celebrates the emancipation of African slaves across the British Empire 177 years ago. The days leading up to the break reminded me a lot of the U.S - people stocking up at the stores for barbeques, planning get togethers, etc. It made me a bit nostalgic for the 4th of July fetes we used to throw. The backdrop to the weekend here includes a two day cricket fest and a non-mariners "race" on the water. From what I gather, the cricket match is not the most child friendly event. They do have a popular gambling game called Crown and Anchor, which is normally prohibited on the island. No fireworks.

We did spend one day at "Beach Fest" on Horseshoe Bay, which is another popular thing to do. People get there and literally camp out. They bring tents and barbeques and chill out for the day. There's music and DJ's and unlimited people watching. We went with friends and all the kids and it was quite an experience. The parking situation alone made us feel like we were back in the U.S.

But, the kids had a blast. Look at Jordan on the raft back there. When did this kid become such a dare devil???
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