Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

After months and months of planning, which I thankfully did not do much in the way of (shout out to Cindy, Amy and the whole west coast crew), the semi-semi- annual tri-yearly?? reunion went off without a hitch. We've been looking forward to this trip for some time. The kids were excited to get off the island (believe it or not, you sometimes do want to escape from paradise) and seeing their cousins - some of whom we got to meet for the first time.

We had a blast. It was fantastic!

Presenting - Family Reunion in Lake Tahoe, CA.

Some of the "founders."

Cindy's hand-designed reunion t shirts.

Sharing s'mores over the fire pit with Ryan.

The 4-6 year olds at tennis.

Look at this - give this kid something to swing with and he's all joy.

I love this picture. I'm a tennis player from way back, and the look in Mina's eyes reminds me of me. I didn't start quite this early, but I see some eye of the tiger in this girl. Form's not too bad either. And it's never too early to start thinking of ways to pay for college.

A birthday among us!


We wore these puppies out! Bedtimes went out the window, naps were unheard of, and the four hour time difference resulted in some very tired little monkeys.

Although it looks like he is drowning, he's actually doing pretty well. He just slid down an enormous twisting slide into the pool and is heading back to the stairs.

Native flora.

Rocks and bokeh. So excited to finally get a shot with that.

Skipping stones on Lake Tahoe.

Jeff and Mina calling it a night after one of the house dinners.

Jeff and Amy. Did I ever mention I want to be her when I grow up? She is unstoppable.

Aerial view from the stairs. Look how ridiculously gorgeous everyone is. The house wasn't too shabby either!

The Moss/Marin/Monroe/Altman/Weinstein/Trimarchi/Sperling/Berman/Spallina gang. Did I miss anyone???

Thanks again to the planners in the family for putting together such an amazing reunion. It is not easy to reach consensus (or what we managed) with so many people. From the location, to the activities, to the family dinners - this was a model of how a reunion should be run.

There were activities for everyone: golf, tennis, biking, running, a full gym and spa, kayaking, rafting, family dinners together, sleepovers..

Here was my favorite...

Sunset cruise for the 2nd generation while the grandparents babysat... (yes!)

With only one...or maybe two casualties..

buh-bye reefs!

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