Sunday, August 07, 2011

A speck in the middle of the ocean.

We live on a twenty-one mile long island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It's roughly a mile across at its greatest width. If you ever get "lost," make your way left or right till you find water. And then you'll know which direction to head back home. At least that's what I do since I have an amazing ability to get lost on even the tiniest parcel of land anywhere.

We're surrounded by water all the time. I try not to think about this too much because it can be disconcerting picturing one's self succumbing to ten foot high tidal waves. Not that this is likely to happen. But since anxiety is high on my list of personal failures, I always need to have something to worry about to keep me motivated.

Don't move to Bermuda unless you love the water... especially the beach.

Water is ever-present, in all shapes and forms. It's in the humidity that frizzes your freshly blown out hair, it's the dampness that never lets your stuff ever feel fully dry. It permeates your skin so when you wake up in the morning the normal bags under your eyes have swelled up to helium balloons. It shows up in the mold that creeps into your closet walls, or on the plastic toys your kids love to leave out in the grass. After a rain shower you check the walls to see what's seeped through the concrete.

Water is a way of life. Kids start swimming really early here. One term of Saturdays at the local swim school here and these two are finally swimming on their own. I have to contrast this with the lessons they took back in NJ. They didn't accomplish too much there. Maybe it's the age? I'm glad they're swimming. I still have to watch them all the time though, especially Jordan. He loves diving into the pool and swimming deep to the bottom.

That water gets in everywhere... even underground. Crystal caves.

Water can be your friend. When the summer sizzles forward, you pray for rain to fill your water tanks. Pools to beat the August heat are a lifesaver. Look at Kramer the dog watching. This pool belongs to friends who were kind enough to invite us over. Their dog dives in and swims around with the kids. He loves to swim close to Jordan and keep an eye on him at all times. I think he thinks Jordan is on the verge of drowning. He's probably right. I don't mind having an extra set of hand... paws... help out.

Countless towels and swimsuits are a must. Even leaving the old suit to dry for the next day is never a guarantee it will be usable. The air is just too wet. (Must remember to stock up on these at the end of the season.)

Holidays are spent on the beach. We haven't gotten tired of this yet.

Camp artwork celebrating the diversity of the life aquatic. Here - a section of Jordan's triptych of whale's tails, created at the Masterwork's art camp.

Up close encounters with them all. Turtle time!! (Shout out to Ramona at RHONY)

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