Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall in the Poconos, 2011.

The end of October in Bermuda means it's time for the first of many school breaks. This one is called a "mid-term break." Am I the only one who finds it odd that the kids need a week break from school when it only just started a month ago? I suppose I am one of those rare individuals that wishes school lasted all year long. I'm heartless, I know.

In any event, this year, we're spending the week off the island. For the majority of the break, we visited Grandma H. and Michael in the Poconos, PA.

This is a really wonderful time of the year to be in the area. The weather was almost perfect, especially when you've been missing the fall foliage and crisp feel of a cool morning run.

The kids got to indulge in some all American sports on the driveway.

And knock some balls out into the road.

Except when this one was in the field. She had a little arm on her!

Grandpa and Grandma B. came out to visit and hung out for a morning.

Grandma B chilling with the monkeys in the basement.

The kids got a chance to jam out on the piano and guitar. They improvised on some interesting tunes.

And they also were good audience members.

One afternoon we visited a spooky restaurant for lunch. Jordan stuck very closely to Grandma H. during the entrance.

Miss Mina was pretty brave though, especially when it came to eating the biggest ice cream sundae I've ever seen.

Monroe County, PA has a fantastic environmental center that hosted a class geared towards the younger crew. The kids headed outside to learn about migratory birds. Yes, Jordan was thrilled. I really loved this place. The class itself was well run with interesting activities and a knowledgeable staff. The facilities were large, with well lit classrooms filled with kid-friendly displays. Set in a scenic countryside, all we had to do was look outside the large windows and see the flora and fauna around us. I'm looking forward to visiting this place again the next time we come back. Great find Grandma H!

He also spent another afternoon feeding some local birds that had no intention of migrating anywhere.

Later in the week, we took a hike to a protected wetland bog.

Real cranberries growing in the bog.

And a nice little creepy-crawly the guide pulled out from under a log.

This has been such a wonderful week. We all had so much fun; which explains why it went by as quickly as it did. Thanks Grandma and Michael for hosting us and making our short stay so exciting. There really was never a dull moment!

Next stop - a quick trip to NJ! Look out Leonia!
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