Sunday, November 06, 2011

An afternoon at work.

Last month, the kids entered a competition to create art projects made from found plastic materials collected from the beaches of Bermuda. The competition was sponsored by Jeff's company; and this week, the art was displayed in the art gallery. I brought the kids to the office to take a look.

Keeping with Jordan's love of birds, he designed a bird mobile suspended from a plastic bottle, painted as the sky with clouds.

Mina created a lovely sea mermaid princess whose hair reminds me a lot of my own.

After the gallery tour, the kids dropped by Jeff's office. While we waited for him, Jordan nabbed some popcorn from a co-worker. Thanks Lisa!

Mina made herself comfortable in the big chair and got right to work.

Jeff also took us for a little tour of a neighboring office that included the most elaborate indoor aquarium I have ever seen.

Anyone reading this who happens to work for said company.. eh-hem... the voting for favorite art project remains open. Jordan and Mina are entered in separate age groups! Vote twice! lol.
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