Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Moving forward....

The first of many school breaks ended, and the kiddos are back in the groove in Bermuda again. After we left Grandma's house in PA, we spent a few days in NJ. Although our primary purpose was for Jordan to have his heart biopsy, we did get a little bit of time to hang out, eat, shop and see good friends.

First stop - lunch. Part of me is hanging my head in shame, but the truth is, I secretly love the Cheesecake Factory. I know, from an epicurean point of view, the entire thing is awful. Too much, too big, too loud, too everything bad... but Lord above - look at the size of those bowls of pasta!! And Jordan ate the ENTIRE thing!! And the price? Well, let's just say that Jeff and I were cheering.

Later that evening, we had a playdate with our friends David and Julia. Much pizza (yay, real pizza!!!) was consumed. The kids burned it off with freeze dance and trampolines. I just kept eating till I went into a food coma. It was all part of my grand plan, obviously. You know that plan? The "stuff-your-face-because-I-am-on-vacation-plan?" Yeah, it's a good one. I had fun with that. Although, I was really feeling it this week in running class.

Unfortunately, we did have serious business to attend to the next day. Jordan was scheduled for a full heart biopsy at 7:00 a.m. A full one just means they biopsy both the left and right ventricles of the heart. It also means the procedure takes longer, and the recovery time in bed is five hours. Thanks to our friends, Miss Mina was able to spend the day playing in the comfort of their home, rather than the hospital. Big relief.

I'm so happy to report that Jordan's final results came in, and he is doing very well. No signs of rejection present. Hurray!

Jordan leaving the hospital. He's so amazing after the biopsy. His groin is fully bandaged with huge pressure bandages that constrict the skin. But he slowly walked along, and made the best of it.

After almost 18 hours of no food, Jordan celebrated with neon green ice cream. Yum.

Later that evening, I got a chance to hang out with my favorite crew. It was beyond awesome seeing them and catching up. Of course, it's bittersweet too, as I recalled the many times we would meet for our infamous "wine nights." But being with them that evening felt like no time had passed. That's the best.

The next morning, we packed our suitcases. Packed, of course, is a relative term. This was our last chance to take advantage of the individual person duty exemption at Bermuda customs. At the end of the month, the exemption will change from $100 per person, to $100 per FAMILY!!! I actually did try to restrain myself though (Jeff), believe it or not.

As we sat in the airport at Newark, the sky became darker. Raindrops splashed on the terminal windows, which gave way to wet snow. Other ex-pats we knew made their way into the chairs and we compared our mid-term break stories. (I love that about travelling back and forth to BDA. You always run into people you know at the airport. It is SUCH a small island!!)

Unfortunately, the snow began to actually pile up to the degree that the plane wings had to be de-iced. While we dealt with our airport delays and scary, turbulent flight, I learned that back in NJ, much of the town lost power. Electrical lines were down everywhere, and tree limbs were scattered all over the roads.

You might say, we escaped just in time.

Sorry girls!!!!
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