Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What washes ashore..

Last month, the kids entered an art competition sponsored by Jeff's company. The participants were encouraged to collect plastic bits and pieces that wash ashore on the beaches of Bermuda. You'd be surprised what litters these pink sands! I entered the kids, and dragged their little behinds out to multiple beaches over the course of the two weeks the competition ran. You might remember how hard the kids worked on this.

I'm kidding. They did work hard, particularly when it came to sitting down and thinking through the project and coming up with a design. The art was displayed at work. Jordan made a mobile from a found plastic bottle, using it to create a cloudy sky. He designed birds from washed up cardboard and dangled them from bits of fishing wire. Mina made a mermaid princess, also using a bottle and multiple bits of discarded plastic and netting.

Guess what? They both won, in their respective age categories.

Jordan won first place!

And Mina won second!

We were really excited! Especially Jeff. Those very generous scholarships will help pay for summer camp next year!! Woo-hoo!!!
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