Sunday, December 04, 2011

Double - fisted sugar highs

also known as the company Christmas party. Wherein I get the kids dressed up and they pretend they've been good all year.

Look at him practicing the "I've been so good!" look. And yet, there's another cupcake in his hand.

The party is so sweet. Apart from all the treats and food, there's crafts, face-painting, small mechanical rides for the little ones, and even Santa makes an appearance and gives all the kids a present. The planners always do a great job putting this together; I'm always impressed.

Of course being the wicked soul I am, I pictured Santa handing out the bonuses to the employees in thin envelopes and started chuckling to myself. Now that would be highly amusing, in a Griswold Christmas kind of way. Jam, anyone?

I love that movie. Especially the part where his brother-in-law kidnaps his boss, and also the scene with Clark trapped in the attic, head wrapped in a Gloria Swanson style turban, watching family movies on the projector.

Note - I am not condoning employer kidnapping in any way whatsoever. Bad Clark! Bad Clark!

It's amazing how convincing this kid can be.

Mina, being who she is, felt the need to cuddle and groom Santa's beard first.

Gifts galore!
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