Monday, February 20, 2012

On to greener pastures.

After three breakins, (car, smashed car window, home)we decided it was time to move.

Welcome to my life!

All boxed up!

And this is only a fraction of it!

Yes, you may be slightly surprised by the amount of aluminum foil and saran wrap I own. This represents the remainder of the BIG COSTO PURCHASE we made before we moved to Bermuda a year and a half ago. Knowing how expensive everything here was, we took the advice of others and went crazy at our BIG COSTO PURCHASE day. I'm so glad we invested in this much food protection. It really makes me want to just jump up and prepare enough food to feed an army, because guess what? If they don't finish, I can WRAP IT ALL UP!!!

Or did you not even notice the aluminum foil and saran wrap because you were so awed by the number of boxes I managed to pack last week?

In the course of packing, I also discovered I never met a beauty product I didn't like. This represents yet another small fraction of my possessions. These came from the first drawer. That means there are two other drawers also full of equally useless junk. But because I deemed them less important (i.e, I used them "less") they got relegated to the 2nd and 3rd drawer. I organize by frequency of use, you know. Yes, you should have seen my kitchen ... before I packed it all up!!!

Judging by the amount contained in my first drawer, you'd think I never walked out of the house looking anything less than a fully spackled Kim Kardashian. That is decidedly not the case. When I walk out of the house, I'm lucky I'm wearing deodorant. I don't know why I bother buying makeup.

Moving is not really that much fun. However, moving with kids means you stumble across some of their stuff that often makes you pause and smile. Above is Jordan's year one writing journal. He describes the day he went swimming without his "flotes" (a/k/a armband floaties.) As you can see, it was a very exciting moment for him (and me) too. Judging from the picture, he also went swimming sans clothing.

That was not how I recall it.

Even as we packed, the kids continued to lead active social lives. Jordan returns from a birthday party with goofy glasses. I like to keep the kids entertained during this process.

That is, when I'm not putting them to work. Back to work!! Those window aren't going to clean themselves missy!

Every successful move needs a good taskmaster/slave driver. Without me and my lists of things to do, I shudder to think what this one would be doing.
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