Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What's on your cell phone?

Glimpses of our life deemed worthy of a camera shot:

Pajama time - Jordan and Mina read me bedtime stories, including... "pajama time," by Sandra Boyton. It's an oldie but a goodie, and I recall reading it many times to them when they were younger.

Jordan sitting on a rocking chair at the golf club. While we wait for our table, Jordan notes birds he sees on the course.

Same day at the golf club. Kid's "afternoon at the movies," is over and Mina comes to find me. Tunic top by Boden. I love this one, why didn't I buy it in blue also? Oh, I remember.. because their stuff is overpriced.

The Smurf. Tucker's golf club has finally gotten smart and is running promotions this winter to entice members to come in with the families. While the kids enjoy movies, the grown ups get drink specials at the bar.

A few moments of peace and quiet. It's hard for me to believe our kids are finally old enough to be left unattended sometimes. Well.. unattended meaning they are in the room next to us.

Jeff raiding the "pantry which must not be opened." That's what I call the shelves which contain kid snacks, a/k/a the extra five pounds I can't get rid of. Nothing good can be found behind these cabinets.

The kids experience their first ever root-beer float. Surprisingly, they weren't loving it, but that's probably because they have little experience with the taste of soda.

duck feeding at the Botanical Gardens. Post cooking class, I took the kids here for a picnic. We quickly found company.

Masterworks Art museum, "Art for All," on Saturdays. Free art classes? Heck yeah we're there.

A shot of a house we looked at during our search for a new home. Pretty location, right near the beach, but not for us.

Jordan - pre bloodtest. If only the staff at the local hospital had an iota of competence. Yes, they screwed up the blood test again. We waited weeks only to be told they didn't run the right test.

My little bean. Love those braids.

Grandma keeps the kids entertained the day I went to get my race bib. Sunglasses and Scooby Doo. Why not?

grilled cheese with mozzarella and noticeably bare cork boards. Packing is in full force. Baby gate is also up.. Oscar p-d me off. I love coming home to chewed up paper and underwear.
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