Wednesday, June 12, 2013

An Outing at the Royal Navy Dockyard.

This week, I joined Mina's class as a parent chaperon to visit "Dockyard," as it's known here.  Once upon a time, the British Royal Navy operated out of this settlement on the west end of the island and used this base to counter its enemies, the French and the (gasp!) Americans.  These days, Dockyard is home to the enormous cruise ships that land in port and ferry in 20% of the country's economy.

It's also a fabulous place for locals to visit. As it houses the Maritime Museum, local craft making, artist studios, restaurants and shopping.  In the summer, the place really kicks up and many musical events and dances are held on the lawn.  It is best accessible via the high speed ferries that leave from the city of Hamilton.

The kids used it as a good spot to burn off some energy after lunch.

Mina and her best friends.

Little munchkins.

This is such a gorgeous age. The kids are such a wonderful blend of curiosity and emotion. They are so loving and adore having parents come in and be a part of their day. Mina still runs up to me when I show up in class for reading duty and gives me the biggest hug. Inevitably, one of her friends will do the same. And my day is thus made.

I love this little dollhouse display of hand crafted Bermudian cedar furniture. Little bitty pieces of love, someone spent time on.

Another example of meticulous detail - the Graham Foster mural depicting the history of Bermuda. It's really amazing.


Finally, the bus ride to the ferry.. Mina's teacher, Mrs Cross - who I just adore! She has been so fantastic with Mina, I cannot say enough good things about her. When we first started out at Saltus, I had my doubts. It was so different than our experience in the US, I never thought I'd get used to it. But almost 3 years out, I am so pleased with the way the kids have adjusted, their teachers, and the level of academics at their school. Such a great place.
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