Saturday, June 01, 2013

Bedroom Makeover.


Our bedroom needs help. It's a medium sized room, with lots of light, and a lovely set of French doors that open to a patio. The patio overlooks the back yard and pool. We never use it, and it's completely wasted space.  I have the bed up against the windows - with curtains drawn in this shot.  We don't have the bed frame headboard up.  It was a wrought-iron scrolled headboard that was lovely, but the older it got, the noisier and creakier it became.  Jeff didn't even bother putting it up when we moved.  He hated it that much. 


The bed is too small. Jeff insists its time to upgrade to a King. His only request was for a simple, modern King-size bed, preferably in the platform style.  Because of the layout of the room, there are only two options for bed placement.  Either up against the wall, or in front of the French doors.  Jeff initially had the bed against the wall.  That results in the side-bed view when you walk into the room - a look I hate. 

With the bed against the doors, as shown, you block access to the patio, but you get the full bed visual on entering.  I also liked the framing of the doors for our headboard-less bed.  But, wasted space and cutting off access to the best feature of the room.

And the bedding is over ten years old and needs updating. Jeff's only request - "please, not too many pillows!!!"  He only uses one.. I use three.  I'll compromise.. but since I'm the one making the bed every day, I think I get final vote on this one.

I decided he also needs to get the closet done too.  I mean look at this! 


I'm getting some help on design elements and suggestions from my friend Oneka, a true professional.  You can see her work at Design Pretty, a fun site that combines some of her passions for design and detailed commentary in her blog.  She's been great at listening to my ideas, then pinning suggestions and putting together design sheets with the items and prices to get a sense of how things will look together.

Redoing a room here in BDA is a little complicated.  Stuff you see online that you love and want isn't easily accessible.  So, you have to order things... a lot of things... which will drastically increase your costs.  Plus, as renters, you're limited structurally and economically.  How much do you really want to invest in a place you don't own?  At best, I can live with some painting.  And I'll pay more for decent furniture which we can keep and bring back with us when we return.

I'll just have to hope and pray the humidity doesn't damage the wood or the mold and spores can be kept at bay long enough to get home safely.
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