Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Count down to Year 3.

  When the kids first started school here, they both began in the "Lower Primary" at Saltus. Both of them were on the same campus, albeit in very different programs. But they were together.

  The same held true our second year. Both remained at "Saltus Cavendish," as we call it. Jordan was in Year 2 and Mina was in Year 1. It was very convenient for multiple reasons - in particular drop off and pick up.

  This year, Jordan moved up to Year 3, or as he put it, "The Big Kid School." The big kid school is also known as Saltus Grammar, which is located on a completely separate campus, closer to the city of Hamilton ("town.") It was, indeed, a very big deal - with a proper "leaving ceremony" and serenading, and all kinds of other hoops we jumped through at the end of the term last June.

   He was nervous about moving up in the ranks. I was nervous about navigating a whole new system, and in particular about Jordan leaving the very comfortable, nurturing environment of the lower primary. Really, those teachers have won me over in a big way.  I walk away impressed.

  This year, we look forward to the same with Miss Mina. And at least one of us cannot wait!

  No! Not her!! Me!

   I can't bloody wait!! One car line for the both of them! No more trying to be in the same place at the exact same pick up time. I'm not sure who the genius was that decided it was physically possible for mom's taxi service (that's me)  to be able to pick up two kids from two different parishes at exactly the same time (3 pm). But this mom is very tired of trying to mess with the space & time continuum.

  Next September, I will be truly be dancing the dance of joy.

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