Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day Festivities

This past weekend, we celebrated Father's Day in our uniquely social media sort of way:

First, I posted some of my favorite pictures of my own father, on Facebook.  These are from my wedding.  Doesn't he clean up nicely?

I also admired all the pictures my friends put up of their dads. Great minds think alike.

And then, I actually went old school and picked up the phone to call him and wish him a great day.  That's a rare thing for me as I am notoriously bad at calling.  Email, text and FB are my go to sources for most communication.  I should probably work on that.

Except, that I love how my parents have adopted to FB and use it regularly.

Although sometimes, my mom prefers I not post so much information there. And sometimes she blocks me.

That's ok, it's all part of the fun.

Back on the home front, I decided to do a pre- Father's Day celebration on Saturday night. 

We had steak, which Jeff loves.. and home made chocolate cake... which everyone must love or be considered barbaric in my book.  This recipe is an adaptation of the Barefoot Contessa's double chocolate layer cake. 

It rocked.

I unilaterally decided Jeff needs some real Bermuda shorts to wear to work (yes, that is perfectly acceptable work wear here.) 

A truly authentic ensemble would include the knee length socks in another bright color, and proper polish-able shoes.  But I didn't think Jeff would wear the socks.. so I will bide my time.

The kids made him special hand crafted items in school - messages in a bottle and cards to show their appreciation. They also assisted in the shopping and picking out a tie.  Jordan wanted one with cows on it, and Mina was opting for the pink one with the whales.  They both agreed on a very satiny lime green one, which oddly enough matched our Kia Soul perfectly. 

Again, I opted for a conservative look.  Royal Blue shorts and diagonal striped blue tie with golden accents.  We got the hat because it's cute.

We got the Twizzlers because Jeff has a sweet tooth.

On Father's Day, proper, Jeff spent the morning playing golf with other husbands liberated from the home front.  Oddly enough.. Jeff tends to do this most Sundays, but that's ok.  Everyone needs some down time.

Having the morning to himself must have relaxed him. 

Here we are at Tucker's restaurant for their annual Father's Day Barbecue. 

Normally, we tend to avoid the member events here because it's hard to get your money's worth with our kids.  They don't eat that much, and events here can get expensive.  It's another one of those things one has to consider about visiting (or living) in BDA.  While there are inexpensive restaurant options, compared to most of the US... it's pricey. 

But we splurged this year!  The staff did a great job.  The food was wonderful, and the table service for the sides and desserts was showman worthy.

It was also fun seeing good friends to share the day with.  Miss Mina cracks me up.  She has the photo-bomb look on her face, even though she is seriously taking this picture.
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