Sunday, June 09, 2013

Oscar arrives at Saltus.

It was nice that the custom of "Show & Tell" is still alive in schools, including those here in Bermuda. Jordan came home last week and told me he wanted to bring in something for his class show and tell. He debated between two things - his flag book, or Oscar.

I know, Oscar. It hardly seems like a debate. I mean, come on. Look at this guy... how can a flag book compete with this thing?

On the big day, I made sure Oscar looked presentable. With real chicken treats in hand, his leash and water bowl, we were armed and ready to go. It's not apparent from this picture, but Oscar is actually wearing Jeff's black tuxedo tie, under the purple leash.

Jordan hadn't told me what, if anything, he planned to say about Oscar, but I figured at the least, Oscar could do his one trick.
He can sit.

He is very good at sitting. Yep. And sleeping all day too, come to think of it.

Oscar poses in the shade. Naturally we picked the hottest day of the year to show up.

Everything worked out well. The kids adored Oscar.  The teacher led the discussion by asking Jordan some questions about Oscar. The kids followed up with some more questions. Oscar gave a little demonstration of sitting; and Jordan gave him a piece of chicken as a reward. Oscar drove home with me, grinning from one doggy ear to the other. Was this the best day ever, or what?!?"

Why can't I go to school every day?  I'll be good!  I promise!
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