Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pirate day festivities for Jordan at the Botanical Gardens.

The kids are out of school for the summer by mid-day on Thursday. 

We have friends coming over for a BBQ on Friday and the back porch is a disaster, I have family coming to stay with us in two weeks and the guest room is also a disaster, I need to call the garage to schedule car service before our TCD registration next month, the closet needs to be cleaned and restocked with all my clothes I have scattered everywhere, after the carpenter came to fix the water damaged wood floors, I have yet to empty the dehumidifiers in the basement as the mold spores coagulate amidst the soaring humidity levels, which I ignore from the confines of my air conditioned room upstairs.  Oscar is staring at me because it's time for him to go out for a pee, and I have yet to pick up gifts or cards for the teachers before school is out.

But, I can procrastinate by editing pictures.

 Because how often does your kid get to dress up like a pirate and spend the day goofing off in the park?
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