Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Celebrating with a 7 year old.

Miss Bean turned 7 years old this month. True to form, she celebrated in style.

But before I can recall all the details of her crazy backyard party, I have to recollect, for just a minute.. how far she's come.



In full Mina glory:

This year, we hosted a backyard "splash and bounce" extravaganza.  She invited all her friends from school and our neighbors to swim in the pool and take a ride down the inflatable sliders and bounce house.

Hiring two lifeguards was the first order of priority in this case.  A gaggle of 6-11 year olds was more than my limited swim skills could handle. 

The lifeguards look pretty relaxed here, but several adults told me later that they were impressed by the attention the boys were paying to all the kids in the pool.  It looks relatively tame , but add to this noise from the Ipod blasting in the background, the floats, and the general urge the kids have to leap into the water, and you can understand why I got help. 

 Plus, Jeff is in insurance.  Yeah.  Enough said.

The scene below is from our balcony.  That slider takes up almost half the lawn with the attached bounce house.  And it has minarets.  Can you beat this?  I know I never had parties like this when I was a kid.

I don't typically write blog posts about companies, but I do have to applaud the efforts of the company we used here in BDA.  "Play Games Entertainment" has been out here once before for a neighbor's party, and I was impressed with their slides.  I contacted them for Mina's party, and I was very happy both with the quality of the slide as well as the pre-set up preparations of their staff.  To scout out our location, an employee came to the house a month before the party, assessed the best way to bring down the very heavy slides, and arranged a time to do this before the party started.  They showed up on time, gave us a full day and more on the slides, and arrived to cart it all away without any fuss.

I make a point of mentioning this because in the three years we've been in BDA, finding great companies isn't an easy thing.  They aren't paying me either!

Mina had a blast!  Yeah, I went down too... with Jeff.  Thankfully no one took pictures.  I don't look this cute.

7 years old a powerhouse already. 

I can't begin to describe how much personality she packs into this teeny body.  Miss Bean, you truly amaze me.  Whether its your sweet disposition, or your dynamic presence when you walk into a room... there's something about you that people notice.  I've lost count of the number of friends, teachers, strangers who have made a point of telling me how special you are. 

Not that I need anyone to do that.  After all.. I've had the pleasure of knowing you for 7 years now. In that time, there's never been a moment when I wasn't grateful that you were a part of this family.  You can keep trying to grown up, little one.. but you'll always be my baby bean. 

Love you,

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