Thursday, July 04, 2013

From sea to shining sea.

Happy Independence Day!

The Americans land in Hamilton Harbour.

The flag from the US Coastguard ship, "Eagle," which was docked in Bermuda this past weekend.

Mina captured my ex-pat nostalgia on camera, during dinner at Flanagan's pub.  The Eagle is a beautiful ship. 

Although we intend to celebrate the 4th of July here in Bermuda, times like this make miss the USA. 

I still remember the last 4th of July celebration we had in NJ.

I remember all our friends hanging out in the backyard.  I remember the kids splashing on the slip and slide.  I remember the food!  And I remember that night being the start of us saying good bye.

As I recall, that was the night we announced formally that we were moving to Bermuda. Some people thought we were joking!

Almost three years later, we are well entrenched into ex-pat life on "the rock."  Contrary to belief, it isn't a perpetual vacation.  However, I can say that after some rough patches, I do love it. 

This year, I'll be celebrating our country's freedom with good friends, on the beach.  We will be watching the crystal blue waters crash on pink beaches and awaiting the fireworks.

 I'll be wishing my dear friends back home a safe and happy celebration as well!  I miss you!

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