Monday, September 23, 2013

Better pics

I just couldn't stand looking at those horrid pics of my infected leg anymore!!

 On that note.. happier times!

Mina rocks the face mask found on the back of the Pillsbury fake bake Halloween cookies. I am not ashamed. Yes, I use short cuts to baking sometimes.

Jeff has jumped the Pond for work related reasons. Prior to his departure we shared a lovely family dinner at Portofino. Pretty much the kids' favorite, hands down.

My time in NYC wasn't completely icky. I was lucky enough to skip over to Marshall's in Brooklyn and scored some adorable canvas bags I intend to use for shopping here in BDA. Bermuda is very big on the "bring your own bag" thing. In fact at least one grocery store I go to, offers a discount for bringing your own. I've gotten used to it and actually think it's a great idea! Our biggest ecological zone is the ocean itself.  All those plastic bags floating around destroying flora and fauna - so unnecessary!

 I loved these canvas ones for $4.99!   (Look at Oscar photo bombing my moment!  He's shameless.) They open up width-wise, have a strong, secure flat bottom and held heavy duty items like milk gallons, wine, fruit, etc.  The straps were long enough to fit over your shoulder, so you can carry one there and one in your hand, plus your purse!  Ideal for me, since I hate making multiple trips up and down the entrance stairs.

Thanks Grandma H and Michael! They were so sweet hosting me in Brooklyn while I got myself some decent health care.

You gotta love family.. they're stuck with you even in your ravaging, oozing finest.
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