Thursday, September 26, 2013

"I'm the mini-Mommy."

Mina is only 7, but she's unilaterally decided she is in charge.  As she puts it, she is "second in command." 

Part of this is my fault, as I taught her that expression.

I only meant to use it with respect to Oscar .. our dog. She was upset because Oscar wouldn't run out for a walk with her unless I nodded at him and said, "Oscar, walk."

 I  explained the pack mentality to her, i.e. why Oscar only  listened to me.

Me:  "It's because I'm the alpha dog, you see?  So when I tell him it's time for a walk, or car ride or sit, he listens."

Mina:  "I want to be the alpha dog!"

Me:  "There can only be one in a pack.  Maybe you can be second in command."

She walked away, satisfied.

Slowly but surely, however, she's staging a mutiny.

Exhibit A: Mina's plan to thwart "quiet time." Jordan becomes the fall guy.

Lisen[sic] Jordan here is the plan
You open your door quietly
You peek out if mom is soundlees[sic]
you tiptoe to my room slide the response to me and I
send back
Love: Mina
P.S. if she is there you wait until she (mom) is gone.

It's been suggested I frame this note for posterity. 

When I confronted her about it, she denied everything, despite her very obvious signature.  Jordan laughed maniacally; and claimed he ignored it and sat very quietly in his room reading during the appointed hour.

We are in trouble.

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