Monday, September 30, 2013

Recovering post MRSA

Recovering on the couch, post MRSA staph infection.  The open wound is almost healed, even though I keep it bandaged, just to be safe.  The scar is going to be ugly.  So thrilled I spent all that time doing squats with 50 pound weights.  Pretty much all muscle tone I developed over the past year is shot.  Running speed and cardio strength.. gone. 

I've been avoiding the gym until my skin is completely clear and because I feel like a pariah.  I did try out a run on the hills the other day and panted my way through 3 measly miles.  For someone who's run half marathons and could easily bang out 6 miles at a pop and feel great after... this sucked.

Feeling completely depressed.  I was in such amazing shape when summer started. 

This guy's been keeping me company on the couch.  Given the lack of exercise I've been getting, it's amazing there's any room for him there.

Went into the pediatrician's office today with Jordan to check on an ear complaint he had.  During the course of which I told the doctor that she should note in Jordan's chart that I had tested positive for a MRSA infection, as people can be genetic carriers for it in families.  Just in case Jordan shows up with some crazy infection, his doctor should be aware that someone in his family recently had it.

She said it was good to know, and make a note of, given Jordan's immune suppressed status and his tendency towards chronic eczema. 

And then she blithely informed me that the MRSA infections are pretty common on the island.

"Oh yes," she said.  "I've had whole families walk in here covered in abscesses they've just been walking around with!"

Oh.  My.  God.

Covered??  Really???

I don't know how I could become any more hygiene obsessive compulsive than I already am... but I really want to by myself a hazmat suit before venturing in public again.  I feel like the entire world is covered in a thin patina of filth.  The mega size hand sanitizer bottles that I keep all over the house just aren't enough to protect me.

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